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Recreate Your Own Hangover Experience in Vegas

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The Hangover Movie experience at Caesars Palace “What happened last night?”

These fateful words uttered by the character of Phil in the hit comedy “The Hangover” come to mind for many a Vegas visitor. Heck, occasionally we locals also wake up a little foggy after hitting the Las Vegas Strip. Fans of the film can recreate their own Hangover experience, though it won’t include a tiger in a Caesars Palace hotel room (security doesn’t allow exotic animals in the room). Regardless of the presence of jungle cats on your Vegas vacay guest list, grab your tortoise shell BluBlockers, strap on a baby and hope you don’t lose a tooth!

Fuel UP

Many parts of “The Hangover” were actually shot in Nevada so it’s easy to recreate your own adventure on the way to fabulous Las Vegas, even if you’re not on the ultimate bachelor party mission. Cross the California border and fill your tank at the Jean Fuel West Shell in Jean, NV to kick things off. This gas station and convenience store was renamed the Gas N Gulp in the movie but you can definitely grab some snacks there for your pilgrimage to Las Vegas.

Did Caesar Live here & the Hangover Suite?

The Hangover Wolfpack was on the prowl for the ideal bachelor party pad so they headed to Caesars Palace in the center of the iconic Las Vegas Strip. Caesars Palace employees still get asked, “Did Caesar live here?” though the film debuted back in 2009.

We get the confusion. Alan’s now famous question is legit. The property’s name really does make it sound like it was Caesar’s actual abode. Well, ok… maybe only if you’re Alan. Every group has an Alan. (If you think yours doesn’t, it’s you.)

Get in the spirit of the movie by playing a Hangover slot machine on the way to your room. Then be sure to do a little souvenir shopping. Buy your Alan a gift at the Caesars Palace Lobby Store or Forum Store. Snag him a “Did Caesar live here?” hat or a t-shirt with the Baby Carlos character in a Bjorn carrier.

Hangover movie experience trivia slot machine - Las Vegas Blog

“Hangover” trivia: Fifteen days of the film’s shoot took place in Nevada.

The guys booked an opulent suite in the Caesars Palace Augustus Tower. That specific room doesn’t actually exist, but you can visit the elevator bay and hallway on the 24th floor of the hotel, shown in the movie.

This suite was a Warner Bros. Studios’ sound stage but Caesars Palace boasts a full array of suites perfect for a bachelor party getaway. The film’s suite was modeled after the Forum Tower Emperor’s Suite featured in the film “Rain Man.” Book this room and enjoy a wet bar, three different seating areas (in case you need to get away from Alan) and a circular booth located by the window overlooking the Strip. The two-story Julius Executive Duplex Suite would also be ideal, featuring a staircase and balcony perfect for Mike Tyson to belt out “In the Air Tonight,” provided you know how to get a hold of him of course.

"The Hangover" Las Vegas suite at Caesars Palace

The suite in “The Hangover” was modeled after the Forum Tower Classic Emperor Suite.

chow down

Another memorable scene from the film is Ken Jeong, aka Mr. Chow, jumping out of the car trunk naked in an empty dirt lot. Head to the corner of Mandalay Bay Rd. and Giles St. to find this location from the movie. Better yet, just recount the laughs from Mr. Chow’s naked scene over dinner at MR CHOW. The Caesars Palace restaurant features a champagne trolley and a fabulous kinetic sculpture called The Moon, which will mesmerize you whether you’re hungover or not. The authentic Beijing cuisine is best enjoyed family-style while trying to remember what all you did last night and if it indeed involved tigers.

The champagne trolly at MR. CHOW - Hangover Movie experience - Las Vegas Blog

The Champagne Trolley at MR CHOW.

Downtown Detour

If you find yourselves needing to return Mike Tyson’s tiger to his house, take a drive to East Fremont Street like Phil, Stu and Alan did on their way. This part of Downtown Las Vegas is adjacent to the famous Viva Vision canopy light show over the Fremont Street Experience.

Swing by local Las Vegas bar Atomic Liquors on the way back to Caesars Palace. It opened in 1952 and is the oldest free-standing bar in Las Vegas so you can attribute your cocktail consumption to historical research. Before entering the hotel, walk the Strip outside and look for a costumed busker dressed as Alan. He can often be found posing for pics, complete with bushy beard, signature sunglasses and a baby doll in a carrier.

roll call

Cleopatra's Barge at Caesars Palace from Hangover movie experience - Las Vegas blog

Not ready to call it a night? Stop by the classic Caesars Palace lounge Cleopatra’s Barge, open until 3 a.m. Friday and Saturday. Enjoy a nightcap and do a group headcount to make sure all your crew members, and their teeth, are still there.

When you wake up in the morning, or maybe in the afternoon, regroup at the Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis like the movie characters did. They suffered from a little memory loss and had to empty their pockets for clues as to what happened the previous night. Get refreshed with a little poolside breakfast while piecing together any fuzzy pieces from your night.

Once that’s all squared away, it’s time to start planning your next Vegas trip! If you didn’t fit everything Hangover related in during this vacation, no worries. Remember “The Hangover” had sequels and your Vegas adventure should too.


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