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Jeff Dunham and Friends Return to Caesars

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Uber-successful ventriloquist and stand-up comedian Jeff Dunham is set to perform with his twisted menagerie of sidekicks at Caesars Palace on Dec. 4.

Jeff Dunham

This blog's photo of Jeff Dunham is his favorite ever, whether he knows it or not.

Dunham’s cast of characters include the much-beloved (and oft-debated) Walter, Peanut, Jose Jalapeno, Bubba J and Achmed the Dead Terrorist, among others.

Jeff Dunham

Some of Jeff Dunham's most popular collaborators.

This blog got to hang out with Dunham at Rao’s restaurant inside Caesars the last time he was in Sin City, and learned something astonishing about this talented comedian.

We asked Dunham if the dexterity used to manipulate his characters (most people call them “puppets”) came in handy in other parts of life. Yeah, you know what we were going for. We are a Las Vegas blog.

His manager interjected that Dunham actually learned to fly a helicopter over a weekend, when the process typically takes weeks or months, mainly because of the hand-eye coordination abilities Jeff Dunham has developed through ventriloquism!

Jeff Dunham

Diane was totally hitting on us during our interview.

On what makes Vegas a unique place to perform, Dunham commented, “The audience is always an interesting slice of humanity. The one thread is that most of them drink.”

Jeff Dunham recently introduced a new character, Diane (pictured above and below), first seen by audiences when Dunham appeared in the Steve Carell and Paul Rudd comedy, “Dinner for Schmucks.”

Jeff Dunham

Yes, Diane has people! (Jeff Dunham's girlfriend helps with getting Diane camea-ready.)

Having a close-up encounter with one of Dunham’s characters is an eerie experience. Dunham is such a skillful performer, you start interacting with his puppet as if it’s a real person. We mean, uh, some people do that. Because this blog is much smarter than that. Probably.

Jeff Dunham

Diane. Call us.

When asked what he’s most proud of about his shows, Dunham quipped, “I’m most proud that my shows have no socially-redeeming value whatsoever.” This blog has to disagree. Some of us think a sense of humor is one of the most redeeming qualities any society can have!

Catch the demented (in a good way) Jeff Dunham live at Caesars Palace.

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