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Las Vegas Rules the YouTubes

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How on Earth did we effectively waste time at work before YouTube?

Who knows? But lately, there’s been a flood of YouTube videos featuring Las vegas-related goodness, so it’s time to dive headlong into the shallow end of the videographic wading pool. Or something.

First up, it’s Chumlee! He’s one of our favorites from Pawn Stars, the History Channel reality show set in downtown Vegas’ famed Gold & Silver Pawn Shop. It appears Chumlee recently went on a mission to find singer-songwriter Bob Dylan on the Strip, specifically at Caesars Palace. We won’t spoil the ending.


One of the greatest Las Vegas summits ever!

Next, it’s time for Oprah’s heir apparent, Ellen, to try her hand at dealing blackjack in Las Vegas. She donned a bunny suit at the Palms to raise money for two animal advocacy groups, the Gentle Barn and the Farm Sanctuary.

Ellen deals

Always split 8s. Just trust us. The book says split 8s.

The dance-happy talk show host gets a crash course, then hits the casino floor. Upshot: It’s not as easy as Vegas blackjack dealers make it look.


The fun continues with a new ad campaign for Las Vegas from the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority.


What do you think of the new tagline, “Life is short, summer is shorter”? As always, this blog remains neutral. Although, who decided life is short? Try attending an opera or listening to that guy who plays the sax on Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas. Sometimes, life seems to drag on forever.


We love this slickly-produced video for Sea Thai at Bally’s Las Vegas. Granted, we mostly love it because the music is by Napat Snidvongs, which we think just might be the same sound a bowling ball makes when it’s dropped into an open piano.


Sea Thai is actually fairly awesome, and it’s also one of the only Thai restaurants on the Strip, so read more and enjoy some of our best food photos ever.

One more YouTube video for your edification, whatever an edification might actually be. Angel Porrino, of TV’s “Holly’s World” and Peepshow at Planet Hollywood fame, is now a featured performer in Absinthe at Caesars Palace. When we first started describing her act by saying “she tap dances virtually topless in a giant balloon,” people kind of looked a us funny. Now, video vindication.


As promised, “Absinthe” is sexy, strange and supremely original. Catch “Absinthe” live, because as good as YouTube is, it still doesn’t dispense beer.

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