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May Auld Acquaintance Be Remembered, Somewhat: New Year’s Eve on the Las Vegas Strip

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We’ll say it right up front. We’ve never gotten “Auld Lang Syne.” Translated, it means “Old Long Since,” which doesn’t exactly make us scream, “It’s a new year, let’s party!”

We do, however, want to remember our Las Vegas acquaintances, old and new, so we’ve slapped together some images we captured from the New Year’s Eve festivities on the Las Vegas Strip. Some, we actually remember having captured.

New Year's Eve

Take that, 2012.

As usual, The Strip was the center of the New Year’s Eve universe, with celebrity sightings (yes, that was Nicki Minaj at Gordon Ramsay’s Pub & Grill at Caesars Palace, and Arnold Schwarzenegger at Strip House inside Planet Hollywood), noisemakers, trying to identify things on the ground, funny hats and spontaneous outbreaks of frolicking.

New Year's Eve

Personal space, schmersonal space. It's New Year's Eve!

The closing of The Strip to vehicles gave pedestrians a unique opportunity to stroll Las Vegas Boulevard, and gave us the chance to see and photograph Las Vegas hotels from new perspectives.


Typically, taking a photo from here would result in serious vehicular injury.

It also gave us a chance to break in the new video camera we got for Christmas.


We are a Las Vegas blog, not a videographer. (Note: The camera was strapped to our chest, so we didn’t know what we were getting.) Hopefully, you get the idea. Bottom line: On New Year’s Eve, The Strip is like nowhere else on the planet!


The Pleasure Pit girls at Planet Hollywood added some additional bling to their outfits for New Year's Eve.

We trust you had a memorable New Year’s Eve, whether you celebrated it in Vegas or not.

In the spirit of a new year in Las Vegas, please join this blog as we break all our New Year’s resolutions, effective immediately. Especially if they involve exercising or not playing craps as much in 2013.


Carnaval Court at Harrah's was off the proverbial chain and/or hook.

This year’s fireworks, launched from seven hotel rooftops, went off without a hitch. Mother Nature knows better than to mess with our party. She and Lady Luck hang out sometimes, so we have some extra pull there.

The fireworks displays, coordinated by a New York firm, Fireworks by Grucci, featured an amazing 80,000 burts. Fireworks by Grucci has put on the fireworks show on The Strip for the last 14 years.


We are happy to have risked frostbite on our index finger to capture this New Year's Eve moment for you.

Please enjoy a collection of random, out-of-focus photos from New Year’s Eve on The Las Vegas Strip, a place so nice, they didn’t need to name it twice, because it’s so flipping awesome. A tagline we should probably trademark, by the way.

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