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“Monster” White Truffle Lands at Guy Savoy

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White truffles are the ultimate symbol of luxury in the culinary world, and Guy Savoy restaurant inside Caesars Palace has a rare, 1.13-pound symbol on its hands.

Guy Savoy white truffle

"Il est massif!" Which, we hope, the Internet just translated correctly for us.

White truffles are highly-prized by chefs and foodies, and a white truffle this size is a remarkable find.

Guy Savoy white truffle

The 1.13-pounder dwarfs typical truffles.

The hefty white truffle was unearthed by a 15-year-old boy named Luigi, in the small town of Alba, in Piedmont, Italy. Actually, to be more accurate, it was found by his dog, Coco.

Let’s hear the story from Franck Savoy, Director of Restaurants for Caesars Palace, as well as a few words on how the white truffle will fulfill its ultimate destiny from Guy Savoy’s Executive Chef, Mathieu Chartron.


We didn’t know a lot about white truffles before this find, and what we knew was kind of wrong. We’d heard pigs are used to find truffles, but apparently dogs have become more popular in recent years because they don’t tend to eat the valuable (translation: expensive) truffles as pigs do.

Some truffle history: In the 18th-century, a well-known enjoyer of gourmet cuisine, Brillat-Savarin, called white truffles “the diamond of the kitchen.”

Guy Savoy white truffle

To us, a truffle smells "l'awful," but what do we know? This man is a professional chef.

The value of the 1.13-pound truffle is between $5,000 and $7,000 (drifting toward the higher end of that range), and Chef Chartron estimates it would be able to make about 100 white truffle risotto dishes.

Read a great story about Chef Chartron in Vegas Seven magazine.

Guy Savoy's Executive Chef, Mathieu Chartron

Executive Chef Mathieu Chartron shows off the truffle before it goes back into the vault. We think he meant that as a metaphor.

White truffles are available just a couple of months of the year, and come, almost exclusively, from a specific region in Italy.

Bonus truffle trivia for supernerds: Almost all truffles are “ectomycorrhizal,” a term we didn’t dare look up the meaning of lest our head explode.

Guy Savoy dining room

Some Guy Savoy eye candy!

Guy Savoy serves up several dishes featuring white truffles, including its renowned white truffle menu, five courses of truffle indulgence at a price we won’t mention for fear your head might explode. It’s Vegas, baby!

Guy Savoy dining room

Normal humans shouldn't try taking these photos. They're not technically possible.

Find out more about the award-winning Guy Savoy restaurant at Caesars Palace.

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