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New Munchbar “Has Its Sh*t Together”

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What’s not to love about the brand-spanking-new Munchbar restaurant (and bar) at Caesars Palace?

First, it’s new (brand-spanking, to be exact). Second, it’s got a fun, colorful, comic book-inspired, Lichtenstein-esque decor.


Emphasis on "esque."

Third, Munchbar serves up major portions of sass.

At the time of our visit, the restaurant was just hours old. We got our first dose of sass about four seconds into our visit. Apparently, Munchbar hasn’t had an easy time of launching (hence the soft opening without much fanfare). Rather than dodge questions about the challenges of getting a Strip restaurant off the ground, the folks at Munchbar attack it head-on with a self-deprecating blurb at the top of their “temporary” menu.


If you make fun of yourself, nobody else gets to!

Click here for a larger version of this great disclaimer. It says: “Why you are not ordering from our full menu: This menu is the outcome of being two months behind and extremely over budget on a project [the restaurant] without telling any of the investors. Unfortunately, management had no idea WTF they were doing, and staff has had absolutely no training. They spent most of their time making fun of each other’s sense of style while watching clips from ‘Step Brothers’ (at least fancy sauce ended up on the menu). Eating nothing but chicken satays from Mix Zone every day for six months is not normal! The chef didn’t see a kitchen in over two years, and we have no idea if he could cook for more than five people. Hopefully, everyone will get their sh*t together!”

Love it, but honestly, there was no chaos on display at Munchbar, aside from some minor, behind-the-scenes glitches any new restaurant experiences when it opens. Maybe the theory is to under-promise and over-deliver! The food (see below) definitely over-delivers.


Looks like a dog, but it's the signature Munch Burger.

All the food on the abbreviated menu was fresh and hot, including the irresistible Mini Maine Lobster Rolls, Kobe Beef Chili, Sweet Potato French Fries and Chili Cheese Waffle Fries.


Chef Bryan churns out some Philly Cheese Steal Sliders samples.

The wait staff at Munchbar shows some serious hustle. Hey, just because it’s a soft launch doesn’t mean you get to slack! Quick, friendly service is sure to make Munchbar a stand-out.

Colette, Jennifer, Ashley and Stacy assist with food, drinks and, of course, sass.

The “bar” in Munchbar features an interesting collection of beer and wine, with some brands we didn’t recognize, which is probably exciting news for beer lovers. Blue Moon, Lagunitas, Pyramid, Deschutes Mirror Pond, Fat Tire, Wyder’s Pear, Warsteiner. Something new for every day (or night) of the week.

Our Captain and diet tall felt a little steep ($11), but hey, you can’t have everything.

Beers on tap

Pull one of these arms and you've hit the jackpot, just like in the casino nearby!

Find Munchbar next to the Caesars Palace Race and Sports Book, and across from the Seahorse lounge.


See? No discernible chaos to be found.

Take a look at our exclusive gallery for more photos, or click here for the full menu (both present and future, in .pdf format).

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