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My Poker Ups the Ante With Personalized Video Poker Online and Off

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Video poker fans are going to love the new My Poker Multi-Game Poker machines at Caesars Palace and Harrah’s Las Vegas. Why? Because they’re the only video poker machines we know of that remember you and what you’re into, or at least seem to.


This blog strives to be memorable.

My Poker video poker machines straddle the world of real and virtual casinos, making it seamless to play for fun at home, even customizing your game’s settings, while automatically transferring those settings to the machine at your favorite casino. Here’s what we mean.

First, find a My Poker Multi-Game Poker machine in the casino. The slot attendants can help. We decided to test drive one at Caesars Palace. Insert your Total Rewards loyalty card (free to join, of course), and on these special machines, you’ll be asked if you’d like to create an account. It’s an account just for My Poker, and it’s definitely worth the 12 seconds it takes to set up.

My Poker

On a video poker machine, this blog can type an astonishing four words a minute.

You select a username, and a password. Then the fun begins.

As you play, you can personalize a variety of things about the game like the design of your cards, background colors, how quickly the cards are dealt and more.

My Poker

We are the master of our video poker domain.

It’s fun to play around with the “card art.”

My Poker

This card face can be seen from the surface of the Moon.

One of the features we enjoyed most was being able to choose how we want to celebrate our winning hands, with chips or jewels flying through the air. We like celebrating. Typically, we do that by dancing nude around our video poker machine. But chips are nice, too.

My Poker

They sort of cascade. If that's a thing chips can do.

The video poker machine will even spit out a voucher to make it easier to log in if you move to another machine.

The My Poker machine remembers all your custom settings, so the next time you log in, all your settings are there. But here’s the cool part. Say you leave the casino. (Why you would want to do that, we have no idea, but this is a hypothetical situation, so just play along.) Now, you’re at home on your computer and want to work on your video poker strategy. You visit the My Poker site (called Player’s Life), log in with the same username and password you set up in the casino, and the personalized settings are reflected in your virtual, play-for-fun (translation: no actual money is involved) machine online.

My Poker

Well, hello, ladies.

Any changes you make to your settings online will be reflected on the in-casino machine the next time you visit, and vice versa.

The visuals are just the beginning of the benefits of playing on a My Poker video poker machine. You can also track your total hands played, royal flush and straight flush pays, overall wins, and compare your results to other players on a leader board.

My Poker

Not that you have a competitive streak or anything.

“Trophies” are also awarded for various accomplishments. No mantle or dusting required.

My Poker

We love the idea of getting a trophy for just showing up.

My Poker, made by WMS Gaming, provides the ultimate control of your video poker experience, online and off. From what we understand, these machines are the first of their kind in the casino industry. This blog happens to be a huge fan of both “new” and “first.” Oh, and “casino.” Find out more.

So, give them a try let us know what percentage of your winnings you’ll be sending this blog as a thank-you. Because you’re appreciative like that.

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