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Numb Launch at Harrah’s Looms Large

Last updated: September 14, 2010 at 11:26 am. Posted by in Caesars Palace, Harrah's Las Vegas, Las Vegas Casinos, Nightlife. Comments Off on Numb Launch at Harrah’s Looms Large.

After its frosty, succulent, brain-freezing success at Caesars Palace, the Numb bar experience is set to launch at its newest location, Harrah’s Vegas, on Sep. 21, our extensive amounts of investigative journalism have revealed.


Our insider access got us this insider view of Numb's "Coming Soon" sign at Harrah's, insider-wise.

By “investigative journalism,” of course, we mean, “We wrote an e-mail to one of the owners of Numb and he wrote back and said they’d be opening Sep. 21.”

“What is Numb?” you ask, petulantly. Put simply, it’s one of the happiest places your taste receptors will have ever been.


Numb at Caesars Palace. Deliciousness resides within.

Expose yourself to our enthralling write-up about the Numb at Caesars Palace.

We can’t wait to test drive the new Numb location at Harrah’s. In a purely journalistic context, of course.


Judy works her mixological magic.

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