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Old Homestead Serves Up the Perfect Vegas Meal

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There are a lot of restaurants in Las Vegas. Sometimes, if you’re coming for a short visit, it can almost feel like too many. Well, this blog is going to make it easy for you, because we have discovered what we can confidently say is the perfect Las Vegas meal, courtesy of Old Homestead Steakhouse at Caesars Palace.

So, here’s our breakdown, course by course, of what was perhaps our best meal in Vegas, ever. First course, a cocktail. Yes, “course.” This is a Las Vegas blog.

Old Homestead Steakhouse Las Vegas

Old Homestead Steakhouse Lemon Drop

Many great culinary journeys have begun with the imbibing of a Lemon Drop Martini.

Of course, one does not live by liquid alone, so it’s time for some old-school steakhouse bread.

Old Homestead Steakhouse bread

It’s all delicious, but trust us, you’ll want to pace yourself.

Next up, appetizers. There’s a wide selection, including Oysters Rockefeller, Colossal Crab Cake, Ahi Tuna Tartare, Crisp Calamari, Thick-Cut Applewood Smoked Bacon. They all sounded good, but we got the The Meatball ($22) and were so glad we did.

Old Homestead Steakhouse Kobe Meatball

The mind boggles. We’re definitely boggled.

There’s an argument to be made that the bowling ball-sized meatball is a meal unto itself, but what fun would that be? Suffice to say, this may very well be the best meatball in the contiguous United States.

The next course in our perfect Vegas meal: The “Kitchen Sink Salad” ($20). It’s a masterful mishmash of shrimp, salami, bacon, avocado, tomato, hearts of palm, blue cheese and Champagne vinaigrette.

Old Homestead House Kitchen Sink Salad

No actual sinks were used in the preparation of this great salad.

Granted, at this stage of the perfect dinner, you’re already feeling your maximum capacity approaching. Remember, this is Las Vegas. Go big or go home.

Time for the succulent centerpiece of the meal, the 8 oz. Filet Mignon ($53). Seasoned and prepared to perfection, there’s a chance the steaks at Old Homestead will alter the course of your life forever.

Old Homestead Steakhouse filet mignon

Granted, this might not be the perfect vegetarian meal. But that doesn’t make it any less perfect.

There’s a long story behind the meat served at Old Homestead Steakhouse. Something about it being dry-aged at least 30 days, and how it comes from a specialty butcher on the East Coast, but honestly, we weren’t paying all that much attention because we were busy having a religious experience involving our side dish, the Potato Gnocchi with Truffle Butter ($18).

Old Homestead Steakhouse gnocchi

Hand-rolled, every day. Our mouth has already sent us flowers and four thank-you notes.

Again, the mouth-watering gnocchi side could be the perfect Vegas meal all on its own, but there’s no stopping now. It’s time for dessert. Which we probably should have pluralized. The first dessert we tried, the crème brûlée ($14) was great.

Old Homestead Steakhouse creme brulee

You’re awesome, crème brûlée, but you’re about to get upstaged. Sorry.

Our perfect Vegas meal, however, features another offering: The Cast Iron Baked Chocolate Chip Cookie ($14), with house-made vanilla bean ice cream and whipped cream. If you can look at this and not drool, there’s a chance you’re a cyborg.

Old Homestead Steakhouse cast iron baked cookie

We’re looking into whether marriage between blogs and desserts is legal in the state of Nevada.

Guaranteed: You’ll fantasize about this dessert long after you leave Old Homestead Steakhouse.

There you have it.

If you can only have one meal in Las Vegas, this should be it. And trust us, if you ever have this one, you may feel like it’s the only meal you’ll ever have room for. Simply spectacular.

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