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Old Homestead Steakhouse Shows Off Its Meat

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Vegas Player magazine puts out a series of video segments featuring Vegas-related subjects, and we enjoyed this one featuring Timothy Henderson, Chef de Cuisine at Las Vegas steakhouse Old Homestead at Caesars Palace.

We didn’t actually realize Old Homestead Steakhouse gets its meat from a specialty butcher on the East Coast, home of the original Old Homestead restaurant. Henderson says Old Homestead is the only restaurant in Las Vegas acquiring its 21-day dry-aged meat this way.

Las Vegas Steakhouse – Old HOmestead at Caesars Palace

Old Homestead Steakhouse at Caesars Palace - Chef Timothy Henderson

Some mashed potatoes, and we’re good to go.

We stopped by Old Homestead just before it opened for some pics. (It opens at 5:00 p.m. each day.)

Las Vegas Steakhouse - Old Homestead in Caesars Palace

We tend to stop at the bar first. So sue us.

The original Old Homestead restaurant in New York dates back to 1868, the same year the stapler was patented in England by C. H. Gould. “What does the stapler have to do with steak?” you ask. Your insolence is duly noted.

Old Homestead Las Vegas Steakhouse reinvented at Caesars Palace

We have the sudden impulse to stand up when women come to the table. Weird.

Another, perhaps more relevant, fact about Old Homestead? The restaurant has a wine list that tops 15,000 bottles.

Not a bad spot for people watching at Las Vegas steakhouse - Old Homestead

Not a bad spot for people-watching, we should add.


Old Homestead Las Vegas Steakhouse features dark woods and burgundy leather booths

Dibs on that side of the booth.

Here’s what USA Today had to say about the joint.

Old Homestead Steakhouse in Las Vegas was voted "Best Burgers in Las Vegas"

We can see our frosty beverage from here.

Find out more about this new addition to the dining line-up at Caesars Palace.

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