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Our 100th Photo Gallery: The Lunacy of “Absinthe”

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It seems like only yesterday when this blog was posting its first photo gallery. That first photo gallery featured Holly Madison, star of “Peepshow” at Planet Hollywood. (Do you know us at all?)

Since then, there have been photo galleries highlighting just about every aspect of Las Vegas, including food, celebrities, food, food, lame publicity stunts, food, fancy cocktails, red carpet events, world records, beer pong and, occasionally, food. This blog loves it some Vegas shows, too. The comedy, the spectacle, the sequins. As well as the occasional weirdness.


Oh, it gets weird.

For our momentus 100th gallery, we bring you the twisted, dazzling, hilariously obscene world of “Absinthe” at Caesars Palace.

And, yes, we’re fully cognizant we should have put the word “momentus” in quotation marks. It’s a photo gallery.


Often, in Vegas, when people hear "big top," they think of strip clubs. Think again!

“Absinthe” has been described as an “adult circus,” but this blog prefers to describe it as “a spanking great time.” Mostly because we can’t think of a better superlative at the moment.


Don't try this at home. Unless, you know, you live in a circus tent.

It truly has something for everyone, from music to aerialists to outrageous, blush-inspiring comedy.


Penny and her puppets have blush inspiration down to a science.

The show, in an upgraded tent (see below) outside Caesars Palace, recently returned after a short haitus, and continues to get impressive reviews.


Such a deceptively innocent-looking tent.

One of the show’s quirkier acts is Holly Madison’s BFF Angel Porrino (below), of “Holly’s World” fame, tap dancing topless inside a giant balloon. Only in Vegas, baby.


Angel Perrino is not experiencing a wardrobe malfunction. Yet.

Here, then, are more unforgettable moments from Absinthe at Caesars, as well as our usual nonsense, of course.

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