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Sneak Peek at the New Nobu Restaurant at Caesars

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The new Nobu Restaurant and Nobu Hotel (a hotel-within-a-hotel, actually) will be unveiled at Caesars Palace later this year, but in the meantime, Chef Nobu Matsuhisa has shared a glimpse into his new 11,200-square-foot restaurant.

Nobu Restaurant at Caesars Palace

This is a "rendering" of Nobu Restaurant at Caesars Palace. "Rendering" is a cooking technique. Coincidence? (Hint: Yes.)

Click here for a larger version of the image.

Chef Matsuhisa has 24 signature restaurants around the world, combining “the best of the east and west in a fun and often whimsical setting,” according to the news release. This blog loves it some whimsy.

Chef Nobu Matsuhisa

Chef Nobu Matsuhisa at a recent Vegas Uncork'd event.

The release lays it all out for us: “Bowed columns of bamboo will line the exterior of the restaurant to resemble the structure of the traditional Japanese ikebana basket used for the art of flower-arranging…colorful, patterned private dining pods and undulating leather-upholstered screens will wrap the dining room while oversized light fixtures, inspired by Japanese tea whisks and vibrant kimonos, complement the atmosphere. A 15-person bar will be the focal point of the lounge and will feature an oversized bowl hand-carved out of a single block of wood. Designed around the Japanese notion of wabi sabi (simplicity and beauty in natural states), a simple yet intimate space will be achieved through the use of authentic and unrefined finishes.”

Unrelated: We think “Wabi Sabi” would make a great band name.

We can’t wait to see what Chef Nobu Matsuhisa has in store for Caesars Palace. More news to come.

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