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Something You Didn’t Know About Rao’s

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When you visit Rao’s at Caesars Palace, you immediately feel the warmth of the place. The rich colors and charming, quirky decor add to the intimacy of the atmosphere, and you feel at home right off the bat.

Something else you’ll notice right away are the Christmas decorations. All year round. Now, if you still have Christmas decorations up at your house, it’s likely you’re just a really good procrastinator, but at Rao’s, it’s a deliberate choice!


Can we just live here?

From what we hear, at the famed Rao’s in New York, in 1986, someone got the idea that at Rao’s, “It’s Christmas all year long,” and the tradition stuck, and eventually made its way to the Caesars Palace location.

So, now you know!

A little more insider scoop? Former President Bill Clinton, and a party of 20, had dinner at Rao’s after a recent speaking engagement at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace.

Make a reservation and see what makes Rao’s such a distinctive addition to the dining options at Caesars Palace. Find out more.


Seriously, we could live here. Maybe a nice cot in the corner. We won't be a bother.

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