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$100,000: The Highest Value Casino Chip

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The things we do to bring you the finest in useless Las Vegas insidery (not a real word).

This time, we made some calls, squeezed our insider casino contacts, washed a few backs and got an exclusive photo of the largest casino gaming chip we could find: A $100,000 chip at Paris Las Vegas.

$100,000 is the highest casino chip and has a security chip embedded in it - Paris Las Vegas - blog

Behold the largest denomination gaming chip you’re ever likely to see.

This chip rarely sees the light of day, and usually only comes out for players with a million dollar credit limit or more. It was our distinct pleasure to fondle it for a full three seconds before we were tackled by a Paris Las Vegas security guard. (We probably shouldn’t have shared that we did slight-of-hand magic in a former life.)

As we got a closer look at this majestic $100,000 chip, we noticed a little speck on it, and were ready to Photoshop it away, but then realized it wasn’t a speck after all. It’s a computer chip, adhered to the baccarat chip for top secret security reasons. See it? Here’s a close-up.

100k chip

A chip within the chip!

Bonus factoid: From what we hear, next door to Paris at Planet Hollywood, all the chips have these security devices, called radio-frequency identification tags (or “RFID tags”). RFID tags, used for years to track livestock, are useful in detecting fake chips.

The $100,000 chip is usually reserved for baccarat or mini-baccarat in a high limit salon.

We love asking dopey questions of casino executives! During our quest for for the biggest chip, we also asked what the maximum bet would be at blackjack at, say, Caesars Palace. The answer: A guest could bet $25,000 a hand, three hands at a time. So, that’s a maximum of $75,000 a pop. (A guest can also bet $50,000 on one hand. That’s said to be the highest, one blackjack hand bet accepted in Las Vegas.) The mind reels.

For what it’s worth, the maximum bet at Planet Hollywood’s baccarat tables is a whopping $200,000.

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