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The Best, Greatest, Most Insider Vegas Secret Ever

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Of all the insider secrets in Las Vegas, this one’s the greatest, by far, so pay close attention. It could alter your Las Vegas experience forever.

When you’re at Caesars Palace, and park in the self-park garage, you find yourself exiting a bank of elevators on the casino level. Yes, elevators travel in banks. Nobody understands why. It’s like an “exaltation of larks” or a “clot of street performers.” Let’s stay focused.

As you make your way to the casino, there are two routes. Most people don’t realize there are two routes, but that’s the insider secret part. Here’s what you see.

Caesars Palace shortcut

Hint: The shortest distance between two points isn't what you might think.

Most Vegas newbies become so captivated by the sight of the famed Caesars Palace casino, they walk toward the Caesar statue and never look back.

But true Vegas insiders know better. There’s a shortcut. And now you, too, are privy to the greatest insider Las Vegas secret ever. Assuming “privy” is still a word.


Yes, it was there all the time, right before your eyes!

Using this invaluable insider tip can save the average Las Vegas visitor upwards of 5-9 feet of walking, per casino entry. That’s feet. Not those useless meters or whatever. Actual feet.

Now, perhaps you’re beginning to see why our metaphorical mantle is brimming with blogger awards, several from organizations not our mother.

You’re welcome!

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