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The Time of Numb Has Come at Caesars Palace

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Our excitement about the unveiling of Numb in Caesars Palace has been building for several weeks now, and we’re pleased to report it was entirely worth the wait. This colorful new offering at Caesars is a cut above the ubiquitous bars serving up frosty beverages around Vegas. It has a style, a vibe, a flavor all its own.

Numb at Caesars Palace

Numb is such a happy place. Literally and figuratively.

The first thing you notice is Numb’s distinctive design. The lively colors (which change often) can be seen clear across the casino floor, and beckons the parched to this unassuming watering hole.

The next things you notice at Numb are, well, the establishment’s top-notch hiring practices!


Bartenders Judy and Andrea are as refreshing as Numb's cocktails.

From your very first sip, Numb just feels like a party! The free samples flow freely, too. Apparently, Numb distributes hundreds of free samples a day. That’s because it’s nearly impossible to choose just one of the signature drinks on display.


Numb factoid: We hear the signature concoctions at Numb took 10 years to develop.

The most visible, ice-based drinks are: Up All Night, Naked Colada, Purple Haze (Numb’s most popular, and for good reason), Strawberry Butterfly (close second, succulencewise) and Mango Kush. Numb is a full-fledged bar, too, so you can get your favorites, from Captain Morgan to Captain Morgan. (Is our bias showing?)

Draft beers include Numb Light, Pyramid Hefeweizen and Newcastle Brown Ale.

The distinctive, soothing decor sets the stage for the ambrosial delights to come. Yes, we said “ambrosial.” Thank you, Interwebs thesaurus!


It's like someone is shooting off fireworks fashioned from high-grade hooch.

Other highlights of the intoxicating menu: the Blue Genie, Numb Cappuccino (di-to-the-vine), Prickley Pear and Numb Lemonade (featuring a kicker of Skyy Ginger vodka).

The Acai Mojito is a crowd-pleaser with Pitu Cachaca rum, VeeV (Acai spirit), blueberries and fresh mint. We don’t have to know what those things actually are to say we’d give up our firstborn child to have another.

Numb mojito

We're thinking Numb's mojito may just have been the concoction that inspired the bar's name!

Insider scoop: There’s another Numb location coming to Harrah’s Las Vegas soon. More news to come on that front.


See how many libation jokes we're not making?

Overall, Numb is more than worth a stop, and very much worth a taste. Fair warning: Once you get that taste, you’ll be hooked.

Check out a few more exclusive pics from this new soiree spot inside Caesars Palace, located near the entrance to the Appian Way shops.

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