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Thirteen Years After “Almost Famous,” Elton John Reveals His “Life in 20 Songs” to the Film’s Director Cameron Crowe

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Elton John plays Caesars Palace Las Vegas in his resident "Million Dollar Piano" show.

The Colosseum at Caesars Palace headliner Elton John was recently interviewed by Cameron Crowe, who wrote and directed 2000’s “Almost Famous.” Two of John’s songs were featured in the film.

In a harmonious twist, Caesars Palace headliner Elton John and famed film writer/director Cameron Crowe have come full circle once again thanks to a revealing new interview with “Rolling Stone” magazine. It’s been 13 years since Crowe wrote and directed his semi-autobiographical “Almost Famous,” the 1970’s-era coming-of-age story that instantly became a cult classic and made Kate Hudson, aka Penny Lane, really famous.

The film, which features two of John’s songs, is known to be Crowe’s most personal, as it loosely chronicles his own teenage years as aspiring rock journalist who gets his big break when a “Rolling Stone” editor asks him to go on the road with a rising band and write a cover story.

Crowe himself toured with bands such as Led Zeppelin and the Eagles, and the movie’s characters and events are all composited from his years on the road. It expresses the emotions and triumphs of being young and falling in love during a revolutionary time in music which produced some of the most legendary artists that have still yet to be topped—including John.

Naturally when it came time for John to reveal his “life in 20 songs” in an in-depth interview with none other than “Rolling Stone,” who else but to write the article than the formerly awkward-yet-determined music journalist that was so inspired by John’s ‘70s chart toppers as a teen? Crowe and John already had a solid relationship thanks to “Almost Famous” and John credits him with exposing “Tiny Dancer” to a whole new generation, as the 29-year-old song had a major resurgence upon the film’s release.

For the interview, Crowe visited John in his Las Vegas home he uses while playing resident show dates for “The Million Dollar Piano” at The Colosseum. (He next performs Oct. 10 and 12.) John first had Crowe listen to a few new numbers off his just-released 30th disc, “The Diving Board” and later delved into the ghosts of music’s past, citing 20 of his own life-changing songs that represent milestones in his personal life and career. “Tiny Dancer” and “Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters” didn’t make the list, but both can be heard in “Almost Famous”  as iconic songs that were putting John on the map during a groundbreaking rock music age. In what’s arguably the movie’s most memorable scene, the band, the Band-Aid groupies and a young Cameron Crowe, aka William Miller, can’t help but put their tension aside and sing along to “Tiny Dancer” on a bus ride to their next gig.

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