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Las Vegas Hotels Go Pooch-Friendly

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This might give you paws: Three Las Vegas hotels, Caesars Palace, Imperial Palace and Rio Vegas, have announced they’ll roll out the red (presumably stain-resistant) carpet for dogs with their “PetStay Las Vegas” program.

The new pet-friendly hotel program is effective immediately, and each of the resorts now allows guests to check into rooms with their dogs, offering up some sweet amenities to make dog travel a breeze.


Vegas factoid: Vegas, for the most part, doesn't really have fleas. The desert around Sin City doesn't allow them to survive the summer. Whee!

Each resort has a designated PetStay area within the hotel, equipped with “welcome packets” that direct guests to outdoor “relief areas” and dog walking routes, as well as specialty room service menus. Information about nearby dog services, like grooming, walking and veterinary care, are available upon check-in, too.

Canine-friendly, in-room amenities including a mat, food and water dishes, disposable waste bags and dog treats. Doggie heaven!


My team of lawyers is already pursuing royalties for the phrase, "What up, dawg?"

A few fine print items apply. Don’t they always? Dogs must weigh 50 pounds or less and be present at the time of check-in. Dogs may walk through designated common areas only while on a leash and accompanied by the owner.

There’s a small upgrade surcharge fee thingy attached to pet-friendly rooms: $25/night for the Augustus Tower at Caesars Palace, $20 per night at Imperial Palace and Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino.

Find out more about this pet-friendly new program.

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