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Vegas casinos pay out so many hefty jackpots, on such a regular basis, it’s not even really considered big news. Except to this Las Vegas blog, which dreams of someday getting its first royal flush in video poker and buying a Las Vegas hotel. Or perhaps a scale model of a hotel, made out of cocktails.

Anyway, we’re still dazzled by big casino wins, so we’re sharing a couple.

First up, a $100,000 jackpot hit on a slot machine at Caesars Palace, just the other day. We went into the high limit slot area to snap a photo of the machine, and to give it a long, warm hug.

Top Dollar slot machine

Seriously. We made moves on this slot machine.

The sizeable amount of cash was won on a Top Dollar slot, machine #7031. We mention the number in case you’d like to give it an embrace, too.

Take note, however, this slot is a $100 machine, meaning each “coin” is $100. “Max coin,” or the most you can wager on a spin on a given machine, is $200. Yes, that’s $200 a spin. Hey, sometimes, you have to bet big to win big. The top prize on this Top Dollar machine is $250,000.

In this game, if your third reel turns up a Top Dollar symbol, the machine randomly displays a max coin bonus, ranging from $500 to $100,000. You can try again, or grab your bonus, but you only get four chances to try again for a higher amount. It’s kind of like “Let’s Make a Deal,” but with free cocktail service.

Top Dollar

Choose wisely, Grasshopper. Wouldn't it be weird if your name were really Grasshopper? They're good luck in some cultures, you know. Fertility symbols. What does that say about you, Grasshopper?

We will take $100,000 any day of the week, thanks.

But, wait, there’s more.

Somebody else got some extra spending money recently. Specifically, Diane Dietz-Abusedo of New Jersey (pictured below), who pocketed a cool million as part of the 18th Annual Millionaire Maker Slot Tournament, hosted by Total Rewards, the player loyalty program of Caesars Entertainment.

We’re not sure who was happier, Diane or her boyfriend.

Millionaire Maker

Is there any possible way this blog can party with Diane's boyfriend? Please get back to us on that, thanks.

The Millionaire Maker Slot Tournament Finale was held at Paris Las Vegas, and was the culmination of a year of qualifying events at Caesars Entertainment (whose blog this is) casinos across the country.

If this blog ever wins a million dollars, can you guess how we’re going to react?

Millionaire Maker

Exactly. Did we mention it's a million dollars?

Upon winning the million dollars, Diane made an excited phone call. To her casino host back east at Harrah’s Philadelphia. Hey, they don’t call it a “loyalty club” for nothing.

So, good luck, and we’d love to hear about your biggest jackpot in the Comments section.

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