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Today’s Random Vegas Photo: Fountain of the Gods

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Even if you’ve seen it a hundred times, the Fountain of the Gods at The Forum Shops inside Caesars Palace is always a sight to behold. Whatever “sight to behold” means. Because seeing something kind of implies you’re beholding it. Then, again, it’s better than a “sight to see.”

Let’s not get bogged down in details, shall we? Here’s today’s random Las Vegas photo.

Forum Shops Fountain of the Gods

Today's awkward trivia: Pegasus was sired by Poseidon. We're not entirely sure how that would work.

It’s interesting to note that while the Fountain of the Gods is located next to Trevi restaurant, the replica of the Trevi fountain is actually outside The Forum Shops (see below).

Trevi fountain Las Vegas

To keep your Caesars Palace fountains straight, we recommend a spreadsheet. There are a lot of them.

So, that’s two random photos of the day. This blog is here to exceed your expectations. Hey, it could happen someday.

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  1. Joyce Milks widow of Bareback Bronc Rider GW Milks

    Very very early while celebrating the 21st birthday of some dear friends daughter from Phoniex..we lived in Tahoe… we four browsed the empty streets of the forum finding ourselves before the statue of Pegasus. My husband being a Bareback Bronc Rider couldn’t resist the urge to mount Pegasus like a bucking rodeo horse and being the dutiful wife I always was took a picture of him. Sadly my husband was distracted by a woman of very questionable character and died of prostate cancer. Although I miss him I can always go instantly back to the moment that his enthusiasm overwhelmed him, which is why I loved him so, and he mounted Pegasus and spurred him upward. Ride em cowboy.