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Today’s Thing We Love About Vegas, Baby

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When you see Vegas today, it’s easy to forget it was once just a collection of sand, tumbleweed and lizards. And we’re not even sure there were lizards.

The people who made Vegas happen built it out of nothing and made it into the greatest city on Earth. (Yeah, we’re a little biased.) This blog loves it some Vegas history!

Here’s a vintage photo of Caesars Palace as it was being built in 1962. It was inaugurated in 1966, whatever a hotel inauguration might actually be.

Caesars Palace construction

Hint: It's changed a little since then.

Did you know there was a TV game show called “Caesars Challenge”? Neither did we, and we tell people we know everything.


Originally, Caesars Palace was 14 stories tall and had 680 rooms. Today, it has close to 4,000. Some have tigers. Long story.

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