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Today’s Thing We Wish We Had Our Mouth On

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It tends to happen around lunchtime. We get a major league hankering for a dish we simply can’t wait to try again.

Today, that dish is an appetizer at Mesa Grill inside Caesars Palace. Behold, the Blue Corn Pancake.

Mesa Grill Blue Corn Pancake

"Pancake" should probably have quotation marks around it.

The Blue Corn Pancake ($15) at Mesa Grill features barbecued duck and habanero chile-star anise sauce. This blog does not have to know what “habanero chile-star anise sauce” is to say this was a delicious appetizer.

Bonus: Chef Bobby Flay, the culinary mastermind behind Mesa Grill, has been kind enough to provide the recipe for Blue Corn Pancakes on his Web site.

Please, Mr. Flay, may we have another?

You can check out the full Mesa Grill menu on the Caesars Palace site. Great food, decent prices, and don’t even get us started about the tequila.

Mesa Grill

We said DON'T get us started about the tequila. Please pay attention.

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