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USAToday Touts Las Vegas Top Spa Treatments

Last updated: September 22, 2016 at 1:40 pm. Posted by in Caesars Palace, Spas and Salons. 1 Comment on USAToday Touts Las Vegas Top Spa Treatments.

When speaking in the context of spa treatments, there are things that oddly make sense – like plunging your feet into a tub of tiny fish, rubbing your body with hot stones or pouring hot oil on your forehead. Not only do these spa treatments make sense to us – we  are delighted by them. We shell out good money.  We can’t get enough. Las Vegas is arguably one of the best spa destinations (probably something to do with generalized indulgence…or the idea of a healing respite after a night of fabulous debauchery.) USAToday published an article today on Las Vegas Top Spa Treatments.   A couple spendworthy treats at Caesars Palace Qua Baths & Spa caught our fancy.


Shirodhara Treatment – Qua Baths and Spa

Awaken your third eye chakra with Lifestyle Shirodhara Treatment. (I had to google third chakra. It’s apparently your “core self – where your will, assertiveness and power originate.”) Warm oil is poured on your forehead and massaged into the scalp. This is clearly a huge win for those who enjoy a good head massage. Added bonus? That third chakra awakening renders you unstoppable at the next big meeting with the boss. Bang!


Auro Soma Treatment – Qua Baths and Spa

Ever heard of color therapy? It’s kind of amazing. Consider The Aura Soma® treatment – also found at Caesars Palace Qua Baths and Spa. Choose from over 100 bottles filled with brilliant crystals and lights. A highly-trained specialist will explain how the bottle represents your current life state. Gain insight into your true self, enjoy a fantastic massage and you get to keep the bottle! Spa guru Anitra Brown recommends springing for the longer treatment, as therapy for the soul is the primary goal. Namaste.




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  1. Alan Petrosky

    Why do you not do a spa and make over for men?

    I would like to find a spa that gives great massages and a make over ( ie hair cut, coloring, beard, mustache, a straight razor shave ) , things that would make a man fell good about himself.