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Vegas Gets Its July 4 Fireworks On (or Something)

Last updated: July 5, 2011 at 11:20 am. Posted by in Caesars Palace, Las Vegas Casinos, Las Vegas Hotels, Things to Do in Las Vegas. Comments Off on Vegas Gets Its July 4 Fireworks On (or Something).

Las Vegas busted out the rocket’s red glare for the Independence Day weekend. On July 3, Caesars Palace put on an impressive show, and while this blog was otherwise occupied (can you say video poker windfall?), our friend, photographer Dave Proctor, was out with his video camera to capture the sparkly goodness.


Did you make it to Vegas for Independence Day weekend?

Caesars Palace fireworks

Sin City knows how to throw a party.

Thanks to Dave Proctor for the photo, too.

Regale us with your July 4 adventures in the Comments section, or post a link to your fireworks photos. Or just get back to nursing that hangover. And sending out those apology e-mails. And calling your lawyer. You know, the usual.

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