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Did You Ever Wonder?

Last updated: September 9, 2009 at 12:38 pm. Posted by in Caesars Palace, Las Vegas Restaurants. Comments Off on Did You Ever Wonder?.

So, we call up for a dining reservation at Caesars Palace. (The number is 702-731-7731. Put that one in speed-dial.) And this velvet-voiced guy comes on the line, and we hear this vaguely familiar music in the background. Regal and all Roman-y.

And because we’re the coolest blog ever, we can’t let that go. What’s that song?!

And 12 minutes later, we find the answer, because we love movies nearly as much as we love Vegas, and it’s from the soundtrack of the movie “Ben-Hur.” The track is called “Circus Parade (Parade of the Charioteers).”

Confirmation needed? You got it!


So, when you call for a reservation at Bradley Ogden or Mesa Grill or Restaurant Guy Savoy, now you’ll know. (Feel free to put this newfound knowledge on your resume.)

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