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Which Personalities Define Las Vegas?

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Las Vegas Weekly has compiled a ranking of personalities who define Las Vegas. Hey, just because it’s subjective and somewhat random doesn’t make it any less fun!

Ranked #1 is none other than the ever-provocative Penn Jillette, half of the dynamic, magical, hysterical and often subversive duo of Penn & Teller, headliners at Rio Las Vegas. Teller, by the way, came in #21 on the list. (He tends to talk less.)

Penn and Teller

Penn, left. Teller, right. Both made the list of Vegas' top personalities.

Coming in at second place is Holly Madison, the pulchritudinous star of Peepshow at Planet Hollywood.

Holly Madison

Thanks for the exclusive photo, Holly. And for not calling security.

Other notable selections? Marie Osmond (#16), co-headliner at Flamingo Las Vegas with her brother Donny Osmond. World Series of Poker notables Phil Ivey (#17), Doyle Brunson (#30) and Daniel Negreanu (#47).

The irrepressible George Wallace (#29), comic fixture at Flamingo.

George Wallace

Thanks for the exclusive photo, George. And for not calling security. Right away.

Rocker and Vince Neil Ink empresario, Vince Neil came in at #34. Vince Neil Ink outlets can be found at Rio and O’Sheas, by the way.

Frank Marino, star of Divas Las Vegas, at Imperial Palace, ranked #36.

Narily missing the Top 50 were Matt Goss (Caesars Palace) and Harrah’s Las Vegas stand-outs Mac King and Rita Rudner.

Matt Goss

Thanks for the exclusive photo, Matt. Security was very nice to us. Especially the body cavity search.

Disagree with the rankings? Post your thoughts in our Comments and we’ll be sure to not send your feedback along to Las Vegas Weekly. We are, after all, a Las Vegas blog, not a feedback-sender-alonger. See the full list so you know what you’re disagreeing with.

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