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Make Your Caesars Suites Stay One To Remember

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You’ve seen them in movies. And we’re sure you’ve pictured yourself in these rooms and all the weekend (or week-long) fun you’d have in them. Besides winning the Vegas jackpot, spoiling yourself with an awesome Las Vegas suite is on everyone’s must-do list.

Have you heard about our Caesars Suites? It’s not just Caesars Palace, baby. It’s available at all the Caesars Entertainment properties including Nobu Hotel at Caesars Palace, Flamingo Las Vegas, Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino, The LINQ Hotel & Casino, The Cromwell, Harrah’s Las Vegas, Bally’s Las Vegas and Paris Las Vegas. These suites were once reserved strictly for high rollers and celebrities but hey – we all deserve to live like a VIP. Especially in Vegas.

Many of these suites offer perks like round-trip limo transportation, waived resort fees, enormous living and dining areas and oversized whirlpool baths. But it’s one thing to know about the amenities of these lavish Vegas suites. It’s a whole other thing to experience them, catered specifically to your trip.

Live it up in these Caesars Suites in true Vegas fashion. See which suite is meant to be yours and check out Total Experiences.

Bachelor Party

Check out these Vegas suites for your bachelor party - Caesars Suites

Where to stay: Caesars Palace
Our pick: Julius Tower Duplex Suite

Your bachelor weekend deserves more than a few rounds of drinks at a local bar. Come on — your dude’s getting married! We’re talking two floors of straight up partying. The space in this newly-remodeled 2,000-square-foot suite is bananas. Plus, it’s fun to check out the party action from the balcony. We may not have invented the bachelor party, but we sure perfected it. They didn’t film “The Hangover” in Vegas for nothing. For more ideas, read our bachelor party blog or check out the Total Experiences package.

P.S. We recommend not waking up with a tiger in your room.

Another great bachelor-type suite: The Forum Classic Emperor suite, site of the “Rain Man” movie, is another fine choice.

Learn more about Vegas Bachelor Party Packages.

Bachelorette Party 

Check out these Vegas suites for your bachelorette party - Caesars Suites

Where to stay: Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino
Our pick: Ultra Apex Suite

Show your girl she’s worth more than a weekend of bottle service and brunches. Ladies, this takes your wine book club to the next-NEXT level. Instead of discussing literature, you’ll all be too busy admiring the views in front of you while lounging on these sweet curved sectionals. This 1,800-square-foot suite is for the ultimate gal’s trip. Leave the fellas at home.

If you plan on pregaming here, it’s perfect. This suite also has a separate dining and bar area. You can have room service and drinks in the comfort of your space. Another fabulous idea? Stay and party all night in the room. It’s the epitome of glam. Bring all your girls because you can upgrade with connecting rooms. Discover more ways to live it up in true Vegas bachelorette fashion in our blog and the Total Experiences bachelorette package.

Check out our Vegas Bachelorette Party Ideas.

Another great bachelorette suite: The Flamingo’s Fab Suite has pink splashes, fun art and different seating areas make it a wise choice too.

Girlfriend Getaway 

Girls Trip Vegas Vacation - Book a Vegas suite through Caesars Suites

Where to stay: Caesars Palace 
Our pick: Augustus Spa Suite

So maybe you’re not coming here with the girls to party ’til the break of dawn. Maybe you’re here to enjoy all the fine dining, sightsee and just chill. If that’s the case, it’s a no-brainer. You need to stay in a spa suite. At Caesars Palace’s 1,510-square-foot Augustus Spa Suite, all you’re missing are the masseuses and Enya music (although these can easily be arranged).

You’ll have luxury with a tranquil feel. This Vegas suite has the feel of a soothing spa, complete with stone flooring, frosted glass, wood accents, a jetted tub overlooking the Strip and get this – a sauna. After a day in Vegas, you’ll need some place to truly unwind, relax and escape the everyday world. This spa suite is ahh-mazing. Call (855) 855-9205 to book or find other girlfriend getaway ideas through Total Experiences.

Wedding / Honeymoon / Anniversary 

Host your Las Vegas wedding in a Vegas suite at the Paris

Where to stay: Paris Las Vegas
Our pick: Charlemagne Suite

You’re celebrating your life as one so you want a suite with all the bells and whistles. Up-close views of the Eiffel Tower. Stunning decor. And given the size of this living room, your actual wedding ceremony. This 1,000-square-foot Charlemagne suite comes with a whirlpool tub, plush pillow top king-sized bed and spacious powder rooms.

Honestly, our favorite part of this suite is the huge windows and gorgeous views from each of them. Whether you’re sipping champagne or even slow dancing to your favorite song from the suite’s iPod stereo, the views are your perfect backdrop. And it’s a beautiful way to celebrate your life as one. Learn more about the Total Experiences wedding package.

Birthday Party

Where to stay: The LINQ Hotel & Casino
Our pick: The LINQ Penthouse

Hey, if you’re having your birthday party here, can we come? (We’ll bring a bottle!) This penthouse looks more like a stylish New York apartment than a hotel room. There’s a full-sized fridge to store your birthday treats and also a spiffy bar where you’ll be celebrating with a fine glass of champagne. Scratch that. It’s your birthday and we’re taking shots!

We’re sure there will never be a dull moment, but in case you’re concerned about that, don’t worry. All rooms at The LINQ offer in-room board games, ranging from Jenga to Twister, which is a great icebreaker for your party. Jazz up your birthday and call (866) 320-9855 to book or find out more about the Total Experiences birthday package.

Having a 21st Birthday In Vegas? Celebrate with us!

The Party of the Century 

Where to stay: The Cromwell
Our pick: Parlour Suite

While we’re on the subject of parties, why don’t you do a themed party while you’re in Vegas? One look at this Parlour Suite inside The Cromwell (the only standalone boutique hotel on the Strip) and you’ll already be inspired. It’s not every day you see quirky artwork like a dog and cat in top hats, or vintage-style furnishings and hardwood flooring. This suite looks too sharp to keep all to yourself. That’s why you should throw a Roaring ’20s / Great Gatsby style party or even a masquerade ball. This suite draws in those kinds of vibes. With you being in Vegas, they’re even better.

If you want to continue the festivities with hundreds of other people, you’re only an elevator ride from Drai’s Rooftop Beachclub & Nightclub, as well as Drai’s After Hours Nightclub. We suggest staying in your party garb to keep the excitement going.


Where to stay: Rio All-Suites Hotel & Casino
Our pick: Rio Penthouse

Reunited and it feels so good…

You’ll be singing the timeless Peaches & Herb classic all throughout this extra fancy suite. Whether you want to impress your high school or college class or you’re hosting the annual family reunion, you have to go big. This Rio Penthouse will do it for you. It has everything like multiple seating areas, a balcony overlooking the main floor and a large dining room, perfect for catching up with your pals or loved ones.

And talk about making a grand entrance — the oversized foyer definitely makes a statement. Those staying the night can enjoy everything including flat-screen TVs, spa tubs and all the perks you’d find in an extra-fancy suite. Square footage varies depending on if you add connecting rooms. You already have plenty of memories together and staying here will surely add to those. Call (855) 855-9205 to book, or learn about Total Experiences reunion package.

Another great reunion suite: We also recommend one of Bally’s Las Vegas’ penthouse suites. Not only can you fit a lot of people, but the living areas are also huge with more than enough seating for both sides of your family. These penthouse suites range from 2,567 to 3,425 square feet.

Business casual 

Where to stay: Harrah’s Las Vegas
Our pick: Valley Tower Executive Suite

You’re all about business during the day, but night’s a whole different story. Once that convention is over, it’s game time. We also know you want to stay in style while you’re on your business trip. What better way to feel like an executive than a stay at Harrah’s Valley Tower Executive Suite? You’ll have a separate living room to catch up on any work, but who are we kidding — feel free to relax. Plus, you’re in the center of the Strip so if you want to get a feel of the action, you’re a short walk from it all. See how to add more to your trip with the Total Experience executive retreat package.

In Las Vegas for a conference? Stay at one of our newly renovated rooms.

Bucket List 

Add the Nobu Hotel Vegas suite to your bucket list on where to stay in Las Vegas

Where to stay: Nobu Hotel inside Caesars Palace
Our pick: Nobu Villa

There’s a reason the Nobu Villa is still talked about, even two years later. This 10,300-square-foot villa takes posh to the highest level. It has several celebrity ties since its opening in 2015. Justin Bieber spent his 21st birthday here. We’ve been told Beyoncé uses the same bath products, Natura Bisse, found in the villa’s ultra-luxurious bathroom. Mariah Carey even filmed her video, “Infinity” here (with a gorgeous cameo from supermodel Tyson Beckford).

If those celebrity endorsements don’t impress you maybe the rooftop deck, complete with a full-sized living room, Japanese garden with a whirlpool tub, barbecue pit and sweeping Strip views, will.

Staying here costs a cool $35,000 a night but hey — you only live once, right? Call (855) 855-9205 to book.

Another great bucket list suite: The Spanish-themed Marcus Aurelius Villa at Caesars Palace is remarkable on so many levels. The private patio has an intimate pool, fire pit and private entrance to the hotel’s Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis. And the intricately-designed rooms and private movie theater will blow you away. If you win the jackpot, move this to the top of your bucket list and treat yourself.

The Staycation / spontaneous road trip

Vegas suite at The LINQ comes with a private patio that opens up to the pool

Where to stay: The LINQ Hotel & Casino
Our pick: Deluxe Poolside Cabana

Whether you’re a local or you decided last minute to take a short drive from here, we love you. We love how Vegas is on your mind for a quick getaway. Since a lot of spontaneous trips happen during pool season, there’s no reason for you to stay anywhere else but The LINQ Poolside Cabana Room. These rooms come with a private patio that opens up to the pool. To make your short and sweet trip even more sweet, you’ll get cocktail and food service from the nearby pool cafe delivered to you.

Take your fun and equally luxurious stay up a notch: Each of the 18 cabana rooms can deliver pool menu items to you through the morning wake-up call service. (We’d love to wake up to that every morning.) The cabana rooms also have umbrella shades when you need a break from the sun. We say embrace it instead.

These suites are so breathtaking, we’re fanning ourselves as we speak. Take a look at more Caesars Suites and find your Total Experiences package tailored to your Vegas trip.

Learn more about our affordable Las Vegas suites which don’t break the bank.

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