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Downtown’s Former Fitz Loses Its Neon Bling

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The casino formerly known as Fitzgerald’s, long a fixture on Sin City’s downtown Fremont Street, has gotten a new name, and recently lost its vintage neon signs as part of the change. (Known as a “rebranding” in fancy marketing parlance.)

Fitzgerald's front

Some people still consider change good, right?

The casino now goes by its new name, The D. Which is fine. Except for the part about the pretty neon rainbow that’s now not there.

Fitzgerald's rainbow

You remember the pretty neon rainbow, right?

According to some well-informed members of the Five Hundy by Midnight podcast Facebook community, the neon signage was offered to the Neon Museum, which collects and restores the city’s famed neon art, but the Fitz sign was too large, so instead, it’s been put up for sale on eBay for a “Buy It Now” price of 25 large. (That’s $25,000 to normal people.)

At the moment, the casino sports a large vinyl sign, which we’re hoping will magically transform into another neon stunner. Because that’s what Vegas does, right?

The D balcony

"Change, it's what different." This blog's still working on a tagline for, you know, change.

In the meantime, we’ll keep strolling by the former Fitz when we’re downtown, missing the neon bling a little.

Because that’s what Las Vegas blogs do, right?

Fitz sign

Hey, some people get weepy about newborn babies, this blog gets weepy about signs.

Learn more about Las Vegas neon signs and how they’re made.

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