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First Look at IP’s New Check-In, More Linq News

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One of the cool things about The Linq development project happening in Las Vegas is that it’s not just one thing. It’s not just a giant observation wheel, or new places to shop or drink. From what we’ve seen and heard so far, The Linq could end up being a new way to experience Vegas, or at least the middle part of it.

Just about daily, The Linq and its associated renovations give us something new to ogle. Every day brings a new surprise, and things are going up almost as quickly as they’re being torn down. Yay, new!

Imperial Palace renovations

Every draped cloth means there's a surprise in store.

We popped into the soon-to-be-renamed Imperial Palace (hint: it won’t be a Horseshoe) for a look-see, and poked our camera behind the fabric and plastic for a peek at the hotel’s brand new reception desk.

Imperial Palace reception desk

The new check-in area at IP, still a work in progress. Theme-free and inviting.

We haven’t heard when the current reception area will be moved, but it’s clear the IP is moving toward a more current, but still accessible, vibe.

The new check-in area sits next to the “dealertainer” pit, and it looks like the small bar that occupied the space is gone. We played many a video poker hand in that intimate bar, but it was probably time for it to go. It was getting sticky.

We cruised out the front door of the Imperial Palace, and let’s just say, the times they are a’changing.

Imperial Palace The Linq construction

That's where the Rockhouse used to be. Wow.

Yep, that’s the former home of the Rockhouse. Walls gone. Heck, everything’s gone. This is where cars used to drive up to drop people off at the IP’s front door. Now, it looks like it’s getting some A/C.

Continuing out the former porte-cochère, there are fewer and fewer themed elements remaining.


The last blue and white thingy.

You can now see things you never could. For example, you can see Carnaval Court (on the left, below) from the former drive-up area of the IP. Weird.

IP Linq

We're fairly sure there was a building here before. So-long, building.

Next, we circled around toward Harrah’s Las Vegas and Carnaval Court. Recent construction has freed up a lot of space for Linqy goodness.

IP Linq

This area can't be seen by the public. Only people who read this blog, because we don't live by society's rules. Lucky you.

We can’t wait to see what’s next.

IP Linq

It's like a blank slate upon which The Linq can use its filbert brush to paint its Vegas magic. Or something.

Please feel free to keep the surprises coming, The Linq.

Imperial Palace

This is the only Las Vegas icon that's ever gotten a facelift. Swear.

Read more from the guy people are calling the “mayor” of The Linq, Jon Gray.

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