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Flamingle With The Flamingos At The Wildlife Habitat

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If you love what you do, you will pick up poo.

At least that’s what Jackie Liptak, lead wildlife specialist at the Flamingo’s Wildlife Habitat, hints.

“Working with animals is quite blissful,” Jackie said. “To want to be at work every day is a blessing even though we clean poo most of the day. It’s important to love what you do, but very easy to love animals.”

Flamingo Las Vegas Wildlife Habitat 

Flamingo Las Vegas Wildlife Habitat - Las Vegas attraction to bring the whole family

The flamingos at the Wildlife Habitat are “Supa Dupa Fly.” Photo courtesy of Caesars Entertainment.

Of course, that’s not all they do — despite the dirty work (and working outdoors almost all day), working at the Flamingo Wildlife Habitat is definitely a picnic. And if you’re really fond of animals, this is your ultimate dream job.

Behind The Beaks

Wildlife curator Robin Matos, along with Liptak, are the dynamic duo who clean, feed and care for the animals around the clock. Liptak has worked with virtually any animal you can think of, from ants and spiders to house pets like cats, dogs, birds, fish and hamsters. She’s been at the habitat for 11-plus years.

When Matos started working here 23 years ago, there were only 12 Chilean flamingos, along with a few African penguins, wood ducks and koi fish. Today, there are more than 60 exotic birds, more than 20 turtles, 300 fish and a dozen duck species.

The Wildlife Habitat, which is a four-time TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence winner, takes the animals very seriously. The habitat has standalone heaters so the animals can stay comfortable during the brisk winter season (Vegas can drop as low as high 20s / low 30s). Additionally, during the summer months (where temperatures can reach 115 degrees) misters and ponds help keep the critters cool. If you ask us, that sounds like a spa day — they’re truly living the life!

Fun Feathered Facts 

Now on to the fun stuff: Now that you know these animals are cared for and nurtured, you’ll be surprised to know all the quirky names and personalities that inhabit the area.

Every flamingo here has a name and they’re far from average. Names include Blackjack, Pink Floyd, Peachy, Alpha and Omega, Miss Nasty and Bubbilicious, to name a few.

The Flamingo Las Vegas Wildlife Habitat - 2 Chilean flamingos, a few African penguins, wood ducks and koi fish.

Wildlife Habitat at Flamingo Las Vegas. Photo by Dusty Fruend / Caesars Entertainment.

And forget “Days Of Our Lives.” The real soap opera is at the Wildlife Habitat. According to Matos, there’s a steamy love affair between a red-crested Pochard drake and cinnamon teal drake. These two were raised together and now a couple. There’s also a female Radjah shelduck who chose a female black swan as her companion.

Then there’s also a male Sacred Ibis, who during the breeding season, tries to be big man on the island and tries to order the flamingos around, even though he is half their size.

“We have a pair of California Brown Pelicans [Bugsy and Virginia] who are rehab animals,” Matos continued. “They were found so badly damaged by nets and fishing line that they can no longer fly. We have adopted them so they can live out their life here at the Flamingo.”

The Flamingo Las Vegas Wildlife Habitat is a paradise oasis located at the center of the Vegas Strip

A match made in heaven: Vegas flamingos in a paradise oasis., center Strip. Photo courtesy of Caesars Entertainment.

So far, it’s been six years and the pelicans are healthy as can be.

Here are some more fun facts about animals at the Wildlife Habitat:

  • The oldest flamingo on site is more than 30 years old
  • Flamingos can endure as cold as -20 degrees to sweltering temperatures at 120 degrees Fahrenheit in their natural habitat
  • Turtles can hold their breath for three months when they go through brumation, a hibernation-like state where they jam themselves under a rock and sleep away the winter
  • The oldest koi fish here are in their late 20s
  • The 9-year-old Sturgeon is the biggest fish on site, measuring five feet long
  • There are 10 species of exotic ducks (72 total) and three species of water turtles (22 total)
  • All animals stay outdoors year round – cameras and security keep an eye on them at night

The mighty (Mandarin) ducks at The Wildlife Habitat. Photo courtesy of Caesars Entertainment.

There are a total of 25 species in the habitat and you can see these feathered friends and more all day, all night. You can also take photos with parrots during select times.

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