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12 Things We Learned Aimlessly Roaming the Strip

Last updated: November 13, 2014 at 2:08 pm. Posted by in Flamingo Las Vegas, Gaming, Las Vegas Casinos, O'Sheas, Things to Do in Las Vegas. Comments Off on 12 Things We Learned Aimlessly Roaming the Strip.

Sometimes, we just roam. You’ve done it, right? In Australia, they call it a “walkabout.” In Vegas, they call it “aimlessly roaming to see what Sin City gems we might turn up”! Here are our top 12 things we learned last night on the Strip.

1. Fat Tuesday is coming to the Imperial Palace.

Fat Tuesday

To paraphrase Homer Simpson, "Ah, daiquiris. The cause of, and answer to, all of life's problems."

2. This guy playing beer pong at O’Sheas is NOT the guy from “The Hangover.”

the hangover movie

Bonus thing we learned: His bud Taylor is getting married. Sucka!

3. If he’s not at the Flamingo, Jimmy Buffett is looking in the wrong place for his “lost shaker of salt.”


Not to sound sexist, but some people claim that there's a woman to blame.

4. What we learned: Her name is Dionne.

Flamingo party pit

She's a dealer in the Party Pit at Flamingo. You're welcome.

5. We’re just getting started! Lesson number five: O’Sheas is the only casino on Earth currently offering the new table game, Casino Backgammon. Read more.


Pretty colors plus dice equals...a new way to have fun in Vegas.

6. The nachos at Margaritaville inside the Flamingo are as mouthwatering as people say.

margaritaville nachos

Insider tip: Bring some friends.

7. People are loving the new The Lord of the Rings slots, and they’re at all your favorite Pulse of Vegas destinations.

lord of the rings slots

This blog loves slots where you can save your game using your player's club card. Awesomeness.

8. Some beer pong distraction techniques are more successful than others.


Joshua and his wife Aly were in town for the Deaf Nation World Expo. Make that 13 things we learned. There's a Deaf Nation World Expo!

9. Some of the T-shirts sold in the stores at Imperial Palace are completely inappropriate for posting on a blog.

Vegas tee

Completely inappropriate.

10. The kiosk outside Flamingo sells MGD 64 drafts for a mere two bucks.


Beer lovers around the world just brushed up against some unbridled joy.

11. Speaking of $2 deals. O’Sheas serves up some entirely delicious hot dogs for two bucks, too. We are not making this up. They’re supremely droolworthy.

O'Sheas dogs

We'll have eight, thanks.

12. Even though this electronic blackjack dealer is a robot, if she doesn’t like you, she’s still going to let you know about it.


Oh, snap. Don't make the blackjack robot angry. You wouldn't like her when she's angry.

Wow. We’re winded. We expect to do more wandering on the Vegas Strip soon. If you see us mid-wander, please wave. It will make us feel important and loved.

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