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Breaking News: Miss USA Hopefuls Don Bikinis

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Hey, you define “breaking news” your way, and we’ll define it our way.

Miss Nevada USA 2012

As mandated by state law, Miss Nevada is always our favorite. So, sue us.

Fifty-one ridiculously-fit Miss USA 2012 contestants have been making a splash around Sin City leading up to their pageant on June 3 at Planet Hollywood. (The contest will be broadcast on NBC.)

Among their stops was a recent visit to the pool at Flamingo Las Vegas. This blog, in its never-ending quest to bring you gratuitous photos of the scantily-clad, dropped in on the contestants during their Flamingo frolic.

Miss USA Ohio 2012

Who said we can only have one favorite, anyway?

The day’s list of activities included a game of volleyball, although we’re not entirely sure one activity constitutes a “list.” Yes, it’s arduous being a Miss USA contestant.

Miss USA 2012

Sorry to invalidate your beliefs, atheists.

We learned a lot about being a beauty pageant contestant during our Flamingo visit. Specifically, about “butt glue.” This handy adhesive, rolled on like deodorant, is essential beauty queen equipment, apparently. During a pageant, “butt glue” keeps one’s bathing suit in place. Here’s the stuff in question.

Miss USA 2012

Doesn't everyone look like this while they're hanging out at the pool?

According to our insider sources (pretty much Miss Oregon), “butt glue” got its start among gymnasts, because in competition, a leotard that creeps can result in docked points for the athlete. Who knew?

Miss USA 2012

Please don't hate this blog just because our job is more fun than yours.

During our day at the pool, we also learned Miss USA contestants are friendly, charming, articulate and, for the most part, unaffected by the fact they’re, you know, beauty pageant contestants.

Miss USA 2012

Miss Mississippi, Myverick Garcia, is nothing but trouble. And, yes, Myverick is her real name, inspired by a Louis L'Amour novel.

Our new friends at the pool also helped us dispel a popular myth: Pageant contestants don’t put Vaseline on their teeth as is widely believed. Apparently, it makes one’s teeth look funny.

Miss USA 2012

Every day is like this in Las Vegas, promise.

We also got a crash course in fake eyelashes, gel pads, B-12 and “sticky boobs.” Don’t ask. We are a Las Vegas blog, not a bra engineering expert.

Miss USA 2012

Like you're even reading these photo captions.

Overall, we highly recommend you spend some time at a pool with Miss USA contestants if at all possible. You’ll meet some amazing young women, and have one more thing scratched off your bucket list.

Visit the official Miss USA site for more goodness.

Miss USA Rhode Island 2012

Thanks for playing along, Miss Rhode Island, even though this blog can't locate your state on a map.

Dive into more photos in our exclusive gallery, for which you’ll forever be in this blog’s debt.

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