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Donny Osmond Superfans Reunite With Singer 40 Years Later (To the Day)

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Flamingo Las Vegas headliner Donny Osmond doesn’t just have fans, he has rabid fans, and legions of them!

Two special fans let us know they’d be at the May 28, 2013 show of Donny & Marie at the Flamingo, and that the date was special to them, so we stopped by for a photo op.

Shari and Leslie, meet everyone. Everyone, Shari and Leslie.

Leslie and Shari, meet everyone. Everyone, Leslie and Shari.

Here’s the story: The first time BFFs Sheri Sloan and Leslie Larson saw Donny Osmond in concert together was on May 28, 1973, at the Seattle Center Coliseum.

Sheri even kept a program from the show, as well as her ticket stub.

That's Donny out front.

That’s Donny out front. Remember bell bottoms? They were awesome.

Check out the ticket stub, below. Talk about a blast from the past!

In 1973, the cost of a ticket to see one of the hottest groups around, The Osmonds, was $6. It’s a smidge more to see “Donny & Marie” now, sorry.

Is Shari a devoted fan or pack rat? You decide!

Either someone’s a huge fan or a pack rat. This blog doesn’t judge.

An amazing 40 years later, to the day, Sheri Sloan and Leslie Larson got to see Donny Osmond again, but this time, it was up-close and personal at an after-show meet-and-greet.

You guys are making us a little weepy. Knock it off.

An epic moment. And, yeah, we got a little weepy. It’s 40 flipping years later!

For 40 years, the friends have bonded over their celebrity crush, and have seen Donny perform whenever possible, either in concert or in his award-winning theatrical production, “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.”

Through it all, their “Puppy Love” has never waned, and we observed some definite swooning going on at the meet-and-greet. The pair has seen Donny perform at least once every decade since that original show in 1973.

Sheri snagged this pic of Donny during his "Soldier of Love" era.

Sheri snagged this pic of Donny during his “Soldier of Love” era.

What an amazing tale of friendship and a unique connection to a star who continues to shine on The Las Vegas Strip, and thanks to Sheri and Leslie for sharing it with us.

See Donny & Marie live at Flamingo Las Vegas. And keep your ticket stub. It might come in handy someday.

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