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F.A.M.E. Comes to The Linq: What’s Up With That?

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Although a number of tenants have been announced for The Linq, the first-of-its-kind F.A.M.E. has made us especially curious.

The venue’s name stands for “Food. Art. Music. Entertainment.” But we still weren’t getting it. So, we decided to track down Chul Park, who works with HIG Management, the group bringing F.A.M.E. to The Linq. The Linq, of course, is the new, multi-million dollar shopping, dining and entertainment complex coming to the heart of the Las Vegas Strip (between Flamingo Las Vegas and The Quad).


You can't spell "F.A.M.E." without "M.E." Or "F.A." for that matter.

Park explains that the overall concept for F.A.M.E. is that it’s an “Asian Night Market & Lounge.” Which would be great if this blog knew what that was. We don’t get out much. Thankfully, Park was up for telling us more.

“On the first floor, we’re re-creating an Asian night market. Night markets in Asia are known to offer a variety of street food within a busy, loud and exciting atmosphere. They’re great places to stroll around with your friends and family, to eat, drink and people-watch,” says Park.

Now we’re getting somewhere.


Oh, all right, we'll eat a vegetable if we have to.

“We’ll have stalls and food trucks offering popular street food from different cities in Asia. Once you step into the first floor of F.A.M.E., you’ll feel like you’re standing in the middle of a night market in Taipei. The second floor will be a lounge with sushi bar and robatayaki (Japanese slow-grilled skewers). It’ll give off a vibe that you can only feel at a lounge in Tokyo or Seoul. It’ll be very hip and sexy.”

Given that this Las Vegas is both hip and sexy, we’re now completely onboard. Along with being hip and sexy, however, this blog is also often hungry, so we asked Park for more scoop about the food.


Sure to be one of the more aromatic offerings at The Linq.

Park adds, “There’s going to be an array of authentic street food you’d find at night markets in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, Bangkok, Singapore, Taipei and more. We’ll have noodles, dim sum and satay, but also food that can only be found at night markets in those cities.”

We’re definitely in.

Of course, another component of F.A.M.E. will be the entertainment. Among the offerings will be a Japanese Taiko drum show, Chinese lion dances, live cooking, DJs and street performers.

This video might provide a feel for what’s coming at F.A.M.E.


As far as the art, Park says, “F.A.M.E., as a whole, will be a very artsy space with a lot of attention to detail. Also, in order to portray the authentic street feel, we’ll have a space dedicated to street art where we’ll invite different artists to ‘tag’ every month.”

We were curious about a couple of other things, like who’s behind F.A.M.E., and Park said, “Many of us were born and raised in Asia. Others have multiple, first-hand experiences at Asian night markets and lounges. Each of us brings something to the table and we’re going to make F.A.M.E. as authentic as possible for people who have yet to experience an Asian night market or lounge, or for those who want to experience it again.”


Fact: You will never see a cook at an Asian street market with a wrinkled shirt.

Thanks to Chul Park for sending along some photos, too! They were taken by the F.A.M.E. team during visits to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Taipei.

We were also curious about the fact “Gangnam Style” was mentioned in describing F.A.M.E. Park already knew what we were going to ask next.

“It’s funny the song ‘Gangnam Style’ became popular while we were coming up with the concept for F.A.M.E. Gangnam is an area in Seoul that’s known to have some of the best street food and trendiest lounges and clubs. The atmosphere in Gangnam is fun, energetic, passionate and vibrant and it’s that style, ‘Gangnam Style,’ that we’re bringing to F.A.M.E.”


Don't hate us because we're mainly sharing the food photos.

We had to ask Park what he’s personally most excited about when it comes to The Linq. He said, “The Linq is going to be a place where you can come back every night and experience something new, different and exciting. And the High Roller (observation wheel). How can you not get excited about the world’s tallest observation wheel?”

We can’t wait to get a taste of F.A.M.E. when it opens later this year.

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