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Happy 60th Birthday, Binion’s!

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Binion’s Gambling Hall, one of the truly iconic downtown Las Vegas casinos, is celebrating its birthday today, Aug. 15, 2011.

Binion’s is one of Sin City’s longest operating casinos. The oldest Las Vegas casino is the Golden Gate (1906), just down the Fremont Street Experience from Binion’s. The oldest operating casino on the Las Vegas Strip is Flamingo Las Vegas (1946). The Flamingo was the third resort to open on the Strip. The oldest casino in the state of Nevada, Railroad Pass, just had a birthday, too (its 80th).

Binion’s was opened by the legendary Benny Binion as the Horseshoe Club on August 15, 1951. Benny Binion set standards many casino operators still use today.

Binion's Gambling Hall

This blog has a crush on the Binion's font, we'll admit it.

Binion’s trivia: When Benny Binion opened the Horseshoe, he introduced high stakes gambling to Las Vegas, setting the craps limit at Binion’s at $500. At the time, that was 10 times higher than any other casino in Las Vegas.

Another casino innovation of which this blog is especially fond: Binion’s was the first place in Las Vegas to offer free drinks to players. Bottom line: If Benny Binion were around today, this blog would give him a giant, sloppy kiss on the mouth.

Other Binion’s firsts: Binion’s was the first fully air-conditioned casino, and the first to be fully carpeted.

Binion’s was the birthplace of the World Series of Poker, an event that has grown exponentially and which is held each year at Rio Las Vegas. The first World Series of Poker was hosted by Benny Binion in 1970. Read more about the World Series of Poker.

There’s a pretty sweet history of Binion’s on the casino’s Facebook page.

Happy birthday, Binion’s! Vegas wouldn’t be Vegas without you.

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