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Holly Madison Still Champ at St. Paddy’s Bash

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There are many important, serious events going on in the world. It’s our job, however, as a Las Vegas blog, to completely ignore those!

We prefer, rather, to focus on frivolous happenings related to Las Vegas, and today’s (Mar. 17) St. Patrick’s Day beer pong battle at O’Sheas between Holly Madison and Lucky the Leprechaun more than qualifies.

Holly Madison Las Vegas

Holly Madison gets into the zone for her beer pong match by posing for this blog. Yes, we have a burdensome job.

The Peepshow (at Planet Hollywood) and “Holly’s World” reality TV star kicked-off the massive St. Paddy’s Day block party at O’Sheas in fine style.

Opting out of last year’s costume (a phrase we truly enjoyed writing, by the way), Holly Madison went for something a tad less kitsch and a lot more “please hand us a defibrillator, thanks.”

Flamingo headliner Nathan Burton (below) acted as emcee for the match-up.

Holly Madison Nathan Burton

Holly gets some coaching from magician Nathan Burton.

Holly took on Brian “Lucky” Thomas, the O’Sheas mascot, and once again won what’s become an annual beer pong competition. She won by a single cup this year, and Thomas took it in stride.

Holly added, “Well, I had a height advantage.” Zing!

Holly Madison Lucky

We told Lucky we'd say he let her win. It's possible!

Check out this blog’s coverage from last year. And, no, we have not gotten any better at photography since last year. Thanks for noticing.

With her beer pong champ title firmly in Holly’s hands, the St. Patrick’s Day festivities began in earnest on the street between O’Sheas and Flamingo Las Vegas.

St. Patrick's Day tee

Lucky resents this. And if he doesn't, he should.

The block party goes until midnight, and the St. Patrick’s Day revelry will continue through the weekend around Sin City.

Party-goers are taking advantage of drink and food specials, as well as the fact people seem to be much, much more open to romantic entanglements when they consume green beer.

Green beer

FYI: Your beer goggles may also have a greenish tint on St. Patrick's Day.

Insider tip: Follow O’Sheas on Twitter to stay connected to the fun on St. Paddy’s Day and beyond. Well, that’s not really an insider tip, but it kind of sounds cooler if we say that.

O'Sheas dealer

Donny, a poker dealer at O'Sheas, gets into the spirit of St. Patrick's Day.

To see all the exciting things you’re missing if you’re not in Las Vegas, go here.

You’ll want to spend some quality time reviewing our incredibly mostly-in-focus photos from the St. Patrick’s Day block party at O’Sheas. Yes, everyone gave us permission to use their photos. Although there’s a chance not everyone will remember doing so. Ahem.

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