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Is There Anything Jaymes Vaughan Can’t Do?

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His name is Jaymes Vaughan. He’s in the Chippendales male revue at Rio Las Vegas. But that’s kind of just the beginning.

Jaymes Vaughan

Don't say this blog never did anything for you.

You see, Jaymes Vaughan does it all. He’s the ultimate Renaissance Man, like Galileo Galilei, but shirtless.

Vaughan not only dances in Chippendales, he’s also the featured singer, and also does his thing in the Rio’s free stage extravaganza, Show in the Sky.

This blog has generously slapped together a snippet or two of his performances just so your eyes have something to do for the next few minutes, ladies.


From what we can tell, this guy has quite the charmed life. He was also named one of the “10 Sexiest People in Las Vegas.” See more.

Note: Quite a bit of the "Show in the Sky" doesn't actually take place in the sky.

Jaymes Vaughan definitely gets around. We bumped into him while doing emcee duties at an event at The Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood, and it turns out he’s also a gifted public speaker. Damn him.

Jaymes Vaughan

Jaymes is fairly dashing even when he's forced to wear a shirt.

Vaughan has also been on his fair share of magazine covers, so let’s add “print model” to his list of talents.

Jaymes Vaughan

This blog did a sit-up once.

You never know where he’ll turn up. We were browsing the saucy merchandise at the Go Sexy shop at Flamingo Las Vegas, you know, as blog research, and came across the costume below. Guess who?

Jaymes Vaughan

Subtext: Your boyfriend or husband will look exactly like Jaymes if you purchase this costume. Good luck with that.

Vaughan is also, apparently, a member of the armed services. Or at least pays homage to them with this Go Sexy item.

Jaymes Vaughan

Insert "landing strip" joke here.

He also has some colorful friends. Below, Vaughan hangs out with stars from Frank Marino’s Divas Las Vegas, the drag show at Imperial Palace, before one of his “Show in the Sky” performances at Rio.

Jaymes Vaughan

Yes, he just looks like that. All the time. If you're into that kind of thing.

Consider your beefcake quota for the week filled. Learn more about this multi-talented guy in the profile below with Vegas journalist Dayna Roselli.


See Jaymes Vaughan live in Chippendales at Rio Las Vegas, or just about anywhere, come to think of it.

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