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Margaritaville Casino Opens to Fanfare at Flamingo

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We aren’t completely sure we know what fanfare is, but we are sure there was a good bit of it as the much-anticipated Margaritaville Casino opened its doors at Flamingo Las Vegas on Oct. 1, 2011.

Margaritaville Casino Flamingo

Yay, Vegas newness.

What kind of Las Vegas blog would we be if we didn’t amble on over to the new casino to spend upwards of four hours taking photos of just about everything we could lay our hands on. (Complaints pending with Human Resources.)

Cocktail waitress

Just the right amount of sarong.

The first thing one notices at the new Margaritaville Casino is the energy. The laughter, the enthusiasm of the dealers, the boisterous revelry.

The energy could result from the casino being brand-spanking new, or it could just be it resides on the Las Vegas Strip (built-in boister). Perhaps it’s that the fun-filled atmosphere of the adjoining Margaritaville restaurant naturally flows into the new casino and 5 O’Clock Somewhere bar.

But no matter what the reason, the Margaritaville Casino has a great vibe, and you feel right at home the second you step through the door.


Yes, that security guy wrestled us to the ground. We're fairly sure he meant it in a playful way.

The Margaritaville Casino is teeming with references to what’s commonly called the “Buffett Lifestyle,” including clever winks to Jimmy Buffett songs on custom banks of slot machines.


Next time, we go with a "Parrothead," so they can explain all the song references.

The new casino features 22 table games and 220 slot machines.

Of course, we made a beeline to the craps table. We love the smell of fresh casino felt! Even the craps table works in a reference to the Jimmy Buffet hit, “Come Monday.”


We played craps and got lucky at Margaritaville Casino! (That line's on the house, T-shirt department.)

The centerpiece of the Margaritaville Casino is the aforementioned 5 O’Clock Somewhere bar. Kind of like a shoreside shack, but with better hooch.


See? Who says there aren't clocks in Vegas casinos?

Flair bartenders get their flair on (see below), entertaining guests enjoying a variety of signature cocktails.


Beer is always top-of-mind at the Margaritaville Casino.

The drink menu has no prices on it, which is always a great sign, but they run in the $12 range, so not bad for a bar that has to be one of the best people-watching spots on the Strip. Cocktails include the Bahama Mama, Incommunicado, Shark Bite, Who’s to Blame, Woman to Blame and the Uptown Top Shelf Margarita (see below).


The Uptown Top Shelf Margarita. Photographers can do flair, too, you know.

Gambling nerds like us will enjoy stumbling (literally, in some cases) upon some high-tech aspects of the table games, including the whiz-bang chip separator machine at the roulette table (below).


We're adding this chip sorter to our list of great shows in Las Vegas.

Technically, the opening on Oct. 1 was what Vegas casinos refer to as a “soft opening.” We didn’t see any kinks to get out, but the official Grand Opening is slated for Oct. 14, 2011. Including, we assume, even more fanfare. We should probably look that word up at this point.

The Grand Opening will feature an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the largest margarita in history. That’s 2,125 gallons of tequila, by the way. This blog is so there. Read more.


Insert this blog's stunning, yet gratuitous, photo of the Flamingo here.

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Of course, you’ll want to skinny dip in our exclusive photo gallery of the Margaritaville Casino’s opening weekend.

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