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“Peepshow” Star Holly Madison is the Bomb

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Holly Madison, the pulchritudinous star of “Peepshow” at Planet Hollywood and “Holly’s World,” has further assured her place as the official-unofficial face of Las Vegas by being named Miss Atomic Bomb 2012.

Las Vegas never met a photo op it didn’t like, so in honor of the 55th anniversary of the original Miss Atomic Bomb, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority had Madison recreate a 1957 photo taken by Las Vegas News Bureau photographer Don English.

Holly Madison Miss Atomic Bomb

Holly Madison just radiates sex appeal.

Holly Madison’s version of the photographic homage to Vegas kitsch was captured by Darrin Bush, also of the Las Vegas News Bureau. Bush has been with the Las Vegas News Bureau for an astonishing 23 years. Read more.

The release of the updated Miss Atomic Bomb photo marks the 65th anniversary of the Las Vegas New Bureau, which captures photos and video of special events, entertainment and the resorts of Las Vegas known around the world.

Miss Atomic Bomb

Showgirls have a certain glow about them, don't they?

The model in the original Miss Atomic Bomb photo (above) was a showgirl, Lee Merlin, who was working as a Copa Girl at The Sands at the time of the photo. Apparently, Vegas fans have been trying to track Merlin down for some time. Read more here and here. A lesser-known version of Merlin can be viewed here. Get more on this intriguing story at

Here’s some news coverage of the Miss Atomic Bomb 2012 unveiling.


If you’re not all that familiar with Vegas history, you might wonder, “Atomic bomb? What’s up with that?” We hear you. Well, in the 1950s, there was quite a bit of above-ground nuclear testing done in Nevada, and creative Vegas marketers made the most of the tests by playing them up with viewing parties and all things atomic. Flamingo Las Vegas, for example, even served a popular Atomic Cocktail. Yay, capitalism!

For 12 years, an average of one bomb every three weeks was detonated in Nevada, with flashes seen as far away as Montana. Read more about Sin City’s part in the atomic bomb craze. Las Vegas even has its own National Atomic Testing Museum attraction.

Now you know! Thanks to Holly Madison for being such a great sport, and for making us an offer we couldn’t diffuse.

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