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Pro Takes On Wacky Las Vegas Wedding Myths

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Las Vegas is the wedding capital of the world, and while 1.2 bajillion (roughly) couples have tied the knot in Vegas, some interesting myths persist about this time-honored Sin City ritual.

We hooked up (not like that) with a professional wedding coordinator at Flamingo Las Vegas, Kristen Rochelle, to see if she could dispel some of these all-too-popular misconceptions.

POV Blog: What’s a myth about Vegas weddings that never ceases to surprise you?

Kristen: One I hear from time to time is that ceremonies in Las Vegas have to be performed by an Elvis impersonator. While that’s an option at many chapels, Nevada has a lot of licensed ministers, many of whom look nothing like Elvis. Couples meet with their minister before the ceremony and talk with him or her about exactly what they want. These folks are consummate professionals.


Kristen relaxes near a waterfall we forced her to sit in front of at the Flamingo chapel.

POV Blog: There’s sometimes a perception that Vegas weddings are quick and cheesy. Sorry, that’s not really a question. We are a blog, not a professional interviewer.

Kristen: Vegas ceremonies might be quick, but they’re far from cheesy! Most Las Vegas chapels are elegant and beautifully-decorated in classic wedding decor. Our clients also have the option of putting their personal touch on their ceremony with fresh flower arrangements. Not to mention the fabulous outdoor garden venues. These venues are very popular.

Flamingo wedding chapel

This blog could totally be a wedding photographer, except for all the "talent" and "effort" required. Other than that, we could rock it.

POV Blog: We’ve heard people are sometimes apprehensive about Vegas weddings because they think all Vegas weddings are Vegas-themed. Actually, we heard that in the e-mail you sent us. But you know what we mean.

Kristen: Just because you want a fun, affordable, easy wedding experience doesn’t mean you have to have dice and playing cards in the decor. This is your wedding day and we want it to be the way you want it. It can be classic or contemporary. We do our best to make sure your wedding will be everything you dreamed of.

POV Blog: Any other myths spring to mind?

Kristen: Another great one is that every Las Vegas wedding is performed at a drive-through chapel. In reality, each ceremony is special and customized to individual styles and tastes. Of course, Las Vegas has something for everyone, including drive-through ceremonies. But you can be married in classic indoor chapels or outside in front of fountains or waterfalls, too.

Flamingo weddings

One of the sweet photo ops for couples at Flamingo, featuring a few of the aforementioned waterfalls.

Note: We are fairly sure we’re going to use that photo as our computer’s new desktop wallpaper.

POV Blog: So, far, we’re not sure these myths have not been all that “wacky.” We’re too lazy to change the title of this blog post, so can you give us a wacky one?

Kristen: How about this? Many people think that if they’re married in Las Vegas, they aren’t legally married in their home state. It’s not true, of course. Weddings are performed by licensed ministers, and witnessed and legally recorded. We know what we’re doing. It’s Las Vegas, after all! Learn more.

Thanks to Kristen for sharing her wedding expertise, especially since this blog knows as much about weddings as it knows about paying its income taxes. Hypothetically.

Find out more about the Flamingo Wedding Chapel at the Flamingo’s official site.

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