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Snake Whisperer Completes Stint at O’Sheas

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Adventurer and snake expert Donald Schultz’s time living with 100 snakes came to an end outside O’Sheas yesterday (Jan. 26). The Animal Planet star went about the daunting task of rounding up all the snakes he’d spent 10 days with in a custom-built glass enclosure. (See our previous posts here if you have no idea what we’re talking about.)


Schultz and one of the more cooperative snakes.

There was a lot of fanfare leading up to Schultz’s departure from the glass snake house, with a large crowd gathering, but there were still some details left to take care of. A little more footage for the Animal Planet film crew. Gathering some personal items (like books Schultz read during his time in the box). Oh, and snakes! Several had wedged themselves into various hard-to-reach parts of the glass enclosure. No worries, right?


Several snakes wrap themselves around one of the enclosure's cameras.

Schultz gingerly removed the snakes. Although we can’t be sure, because we spent most of the time covering our eyes. You know, because, well, our eyes were cold. It was 49-degrees out there on the Strip!


Drama! We love drama!

Let’s just say that Donald Schultz couldn’t leave the enclosure before he gave the crowd a moment to remember. Hint: Donald, you might want to pay attention to the end of the snake with the fangs. We’re just saying.


Yep. Full-on snake bite. Yikes.

Hey, we love an exclusive, but this wasn’t exactly a welcome scenario! Thankfully, the snake in question was a “rat snake,” according to Schultz, and wasn’t venomous. This was the third bite he’d gotten during his time in the box. Nothing life-threatening. Dude’s tough.

Disaster averted, Schultz emerged from the box at 8:00 p.m., and was greeted by a boisterous crowd, as well as cast members from Matsuri, a show at the Imperial Palace. The Japanese performers, decked out in elaborate costumes, ensured there was enough pomp for the circumstances.


Schultz seemed genuinely baffled by all the attention.

Taking advantage of his new-found freedom, Schultz roamed the Strip, chatting with fans and signing autographs.


Sorry, we've run out of clever captions. It happens.

Congratulations to Donald Schultz and his entire Animal Planet crew! Check out more exclusive photos below. Including this one, that should make the folks at Margaritaville really happy. Free plug!


Most patient snake guy in the world. By far.

Watch “Venom in Vegas” on Animal Planet on Feb. 9. Learn more.

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