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The High Roller Observation Wheel Really Has Legs

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We were giddy to receive news yesterday that massive parts of the High Roller observation wheel, the crown jewel of the even-more-massive Linq project, had arrived at the construction site behind the former O’Shea’s casino.

High Roller legs

The last time we saw legs this thick, we are totally censoring the second half of this photo caption.

The outsized segments, complete with inner scaffolding and ladders, will be assembled to form the support legs of the 550-foot (world’s tallest) High Roller observation wheel, expected to open in the latter part of 2013.

High Roller legs

We suspect this is the way people, very brave people, will climb the wheel for cleaning and maintenance.

While at the construction site, we also noted a new “plinth” (below), the adorably-named outcropping to which a brace leg will be connected. This brace leg will go west-to-east, perpendicular to the Las Vegas Strip.

If you want to impress friends at your next dinner party, whip this out: “Actually, it’s a tubular steel, variable diameter transverse brace.” Somebody’s getting lucky with that line, guaranteed.

High Roller

The word "sturdy" comes to mind.

This blog is endlessly fascinated by the incredible engineering feat involved in making the High Roller a reality, especially the names of the parts: Hubs. Spindles. Bearings. Cable spoke systems.

And just wait until the rim of the wheel is installed: “The tubular steel rim will be erected in segments with the assistance of radial erection struts.” This blog is fairly sure it’s never heard a phrase it has liked saying more than “radial erection struts.” But maybe that’s just us.

We can’t wait to see what’s delivered next! Learn more about The Linq, and stay in the loop by liking The Linq Facebook page, and following The Linq and its “mayor,” Jon Gray, on Twitter.

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