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This Ain’t Your Grampa’s Flamingo: Go Sexy

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Our visit to the new store at Flamingo Las Vegas began innocently enough. The entrance to Go Sexy was adorned with a pair of giant legs. Nice touch, right?

Go Sexy

We were unprepared for the delights inside. Inside the store, that is.

It didn’t take us long to realize Go Sexy wasn’t your ordinary gift shop. First tip-off? The large display in the middle of the store, consisting of a lifelike, shirtless dude in handcuffs chatting it up with a scantily-clad dominatrix of some sort.

Go Sexy

Oh, it gets better.

Cute, right? Well, this was just the tip of the whip cream-covered iceberg.

As we strolled the aisles of Go Sexy, we found a treasure trove of fantasy-expediting games, devices and novelties all with one theme: Uh, you know, sex. Vegas and sex? Whoever thought to pair up those two things is a genius!

Go Sexy

Our vote for the best novelty item in Go Sexy: Gummy handcuffs.

Until Go Sexy opened, we thought La Vogue at Paris Las Vegas carried the sauciest intimacy-facilitation products on the Strip, but it appears Go Sexy has taken it to a whole new level.

In fact, there are entire portions of the store we can’t actually show you because the Interwebs might melt. (We are not kidding.)

Go Sexy

Remember "Pin the Tail on the Donkey"? The classic party game just got more Vegas, baby.

Sometimes playful, sometimes raunchy, sometimes shocking, the Go Sexy store has had a steady stream of customers since its opening, according to the intrepid salesperson, Avi, on duty during our visit. The secret to the store success? “We sell sex,” says Avi. She then qualifies her statement, “Fun sex. Vegas sex.” Ah, that kind!

The store has a sassy atmosphere that seems to encourage Vegas visitors to let loose and have some fun. We honestly don’t know if the floor display at Go Sexy was intended to be interactive, but a group of female customers we encountered didn’t wait to find out.

Go Sexy

Molly appears to be fond of bad boys. Fashioned from fiberglass.

The inventory of sex-inspired toys and games seems virtually limitless at Go Sexy.

Go Sexy

We don't make up the news, we just report it.

We asked Avi the Intrepid Sales Associate which items were becoming most popular at the store, and the top answer was definitely something we can’t really talk about. (Think viscosity.) Second and third most popular items according to Avi’s unscientific survey: “Toys and anything edible.” The mind reels.

Go Sexy

Salesperson Avi didn't blush even once during our visit. There was some giggling, however.

Go Sexy at Flamingo is definitely on our must-shop list in Las Vegas.

Go Sexy

Two of the happiest words in the English language: Chocolate. Thong.

Oh, and before you alert the authorities, it should be noted that no one under 18 is allowed in the Go Sexy store. See? Vegas thongs responsibly. Yes, we’re putting that one on a T-shirt.

Of course, we have more exclusive photos. We are a Las Vegas blog, after all.

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