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Three Sultry Sights on the Strip

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All right. We admit it. Vegas can be a complicated place. Concerns about decency have resulted in a local mural, depicting female frontage, being given pasties. Read more.

That doesn’t exactly fit with the way many view Vegas, as a wild, uncensored party town. Just in case you were starting to think Vegas has gotten a little tame, we’ve got three sultry, sexy sights, all within a one block span on the Las Vegas Strip, that’ll prove that theory wrong.

Exhibit 1: Shadow dancers at O’Sheas.

shadow dancer at O'sheas

The shadow dancers at O'Sheas are traffic-stoppers.

As you approach O’Sheas, one of the Strip’s hidden gems, look up. In the windows facing the Strip, you’ll see backlit dancers strutting their stuff.

Exhibit 2: The blender girl at Margaritaville at Flamingo Las Vegas.


Salt or no salt with your margarita?

Every hour, this curvacious beauty dips her toes into a volcano, then coasts seductively down a slide into a giant margarita blender.

She splashes around a bit, then is scooped up by a giant mechanical fishing hook (fitting with the tropical getaway theme of the restaurant), and performs for dining customers.


"Getting the hook" in this show is actually not a bad thing.

Bonus trivia: The blender girl at Margaritaville has a stage name, “Las Vegas Cutie,” (a play on “Mexican cutie” from the Jimmy Buffet song), but her real name is Adrienne.

Exhibit 3: The Party Pit at Flamingo.

party pit

This is not your grandpa's Flamingo.

If your three favorite things are drinking, gambling and free entertainment, you’re covered at the Flamingo’s Party Pit. Nubile pole dancers keep things lively, as if the music and blackjack weren’t enough.

So, what have we learned? Vegas truly has something for everyone! But “tame” just isn’t, and never will be, in the city’s vocabulary. Case closed.

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