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Las Vegas Lights Will Go Dark for Earth Hour

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The lights we all know and love on the Las Vegas Strip are scheduled to go dark on March 31, 2012 at 8:30 p.m. (Vegas time) for Earth Hour. Earth Hour is sponsored by the World Wildlife Fund, and if any city knows about wildlife, it’s Sin City!

In 2011, 135 countries took part in Earth Hour. Which is fairly impressive, especially since this Las Vegas blog wasn’t entirely sure there were 135 countries.

Earth Hour Las Vegas Strip

Nobody tripped over a cord. It's just Earth Hour.

Earth Hour encourages individuals and businesses to turn off “nonessential lighting” for one hour as “a bold statement of collective concern about climate change.” There simply is no better a concern than the collective kind, if you ask this blog.

Whether you’re a believer in climate change or not (you know who you are), it’s fun to turn off the lights sometimes, because then when you bump into someone’s chest by accident you can say, “Hey, I’m doing this because of my collective concern for climate change!”

Not that this situation would ever unfold, of course, especially in Las Vegas.

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