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Winter Is Coming, But Vegas Pool Days Are Here To Stay

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Swimming… in winter? Sounds crazy, right?

Well you don’t have to be in the tropics to do this. So don’t be bummed when your friends are posting all their island adventures on Instagram. At the end of the day, you’re in Vegas. And nothing can top that. Plus, we can all use an extended “summer” vacation.

Las Vegas pools year round- Always remember bring a swimsuit to Vegas

Go on — bring your swimsuit and equally-gorgeous sun hat. Photo: Caesars Entertainment.

Since we’re blessed with amazing weather, most pools in Vegas do stay open through mid-October. However, if you choose to take a dip the same weekend you’re doing your holiday shopping, there are a few that stay open. Winter may be coming, but these Vegas pools aren’t going anywhere.

Many states are likely to have single digit temperatures and snowstorms, so we encourage you to escape and warm up with a pool day in Vegas. That makes sunny 50-70 degree (Fahrenheit) weather sound more enticing, doesn’t it? (Cue “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” Carlton dance here.)

So don’t be shy. Go on and pack your swimsuit and enjoy these spots all winter long (baring that rare occurrence – snow in Vegas):


Venus Pool Club at Caesars Palace - Las Vegas pools year round

In winter the tops go on and the whole family can enjoy Venus European Pool Lounge. Photo: Caesars Palace.

Heated to: A pleasant 83 degrees.
Perfect for: The entire family (Bring them all!).
Open to: Caesars Palace hotel guests (also open to non-hotel guests for a fee; entrance is not guaranteed and is subject to availability).
Hours: Open daily; 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Any other time of the year Venus European Pool Lounge is an adult-only, “top-tional” pool. Don’t worry – during the winter months, Venus European Pool Lounge transforms to Caesars Palace’s all ages, family-friendly pool. There’s also a limited selection of drinks at the bar, so you can still sip poolside in the middle of winter. Contact the pool for cabana rental availability.

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The LINQ Hotel & Casino Pool

Las Vegas pools year round at The LINQ Hotel

The POOL at The LINQ Hotel & Casino is just waiting for your cannonball. Photo: Caesars Entertainment.

Heated to: A blissful 82 degrees.
Perfect for: Fun in the sun – think Spring Break, but during winter.
Open to: 21-and-older crowd (All Caesars Entertainment hotel guests and locals)
Hours: Thursday through Sunday; 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

The 21-and-older POOL at The LINQ Hotel & Casino stays lit, even through the winter. What makes it fun is you can still splash around in an inflatable float, challenge your friends to giant Jenga, beer pong and bear pong (oversized beer pong). Also, Virgil’s Real BBQ connects to the pool and you can enjoy all your favorite barbecue dishes year round.

The pool’s party cabana, The REQ Room, has indoor fun like pool tables, shuffleboard, a foosball table and flat-screen TVs. If you want your own cabana, rentals include bottled water, a flat-screen TV, USB insert to charge your phone, surround sound speakers, lounge chairs and even a beer pong table upon request. If you’re renting a cabana, the food and beverage limit is $100 minimum. Daybeds are open seating during the winter months (Yay!).

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Soleil Pool at Paris Las Vegas

Las Vegas pools year round Soleil pool at the Paris

Swim with a view of the Eiffel Tower at the Soleil Pool. Photo: Paris Las Vegas.

Heated to: A fine 81 degrees
Perfect for:
A romantic (or quiet) escape
Open to:
Free for all guests staying at any Caesars Entertainment hotel
Hours: Daily, 10 a.m. – 4 a.m.

Ooh, la la! A Parisian-style two-acre pool open year round? Magnifique! Not only is the pool at Paris Las Vegas open during the winter months, it has a spiffy view of the Eiffel Tower replica. And since it’s a rooftop pool, you also have the best views on the Las Vegas Strip.

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bonus: Indoor pool experience

Indoor pool - Qua Baths & Spa at Caesars Palace

Qua Baths & Spa, photo courtesy of Caesars Palace.

Want to enjoy the water, but not crazy about splashing around outdoors? We don’t exactly have indoor pools (who needs t \hem with 294 sunny days a year) but you can have a “pool-like” experience at Caesars Palace’s Qua Baths & Spa. The Roman bathing area comes complete with waterfalls in a serene atmosphere. The lounge chairs surrounding the Roman baths make it easy to stay here all day, too.

Yes, we’re approaching the season of pumpkin-flavored coffee, darling sweaters and outdoor ice skating, but you know – Vegas is always a game-changer. Here are a couple of tips before you head out for your winter swim:

  • Bring a hoodie. Or a kimono. Or even your hotel room robe. We’re definitely not on that Alaskan or Midwest type of cold, but our winter (even early springtime) winds are no joke. We wouldn’t want you to bring the sniffles back home and regret we ever gave you the crazy idea to swim here.
  • Be mindful of shorter days. As much as you want to fly back home and show off your Vegas tan, you’ll just be wasting your precious tanning oil if you attempt an afternoon tan. The only thing that’ll be getting dark is the sky. And that’s your cue to go back inside.
  • Take plenty of pictures. The next time you see your friends posting winter photos from Hawaii or Bora Bora, now’s your chance to show off your fun times. And since you’re in Vegas, we’re not just about fun in the sun. This is only the beginning of your day.

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