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By Heather Vale

If it seems like everybody in Las Vegas has their hand out for a tip — well, that’s because they do. Vegas is fueled by gratuities. Some are expected … but others are less obvious. So let the good times roll — for both you and the locals — with a stack of singles (or even fives) in your pocket. Prepare to make it rain when you’re tipping in Las Vegas.


Las Vegas Tipping Guide for your Housekeepers

Let the tipping begin! Have your dollars ready before you even step foot in your room.

  • Drivers: 10-20 percent — When you reach your hotel, tip your driver a percent of the fare. If you drove into town, slip a couple bucks to the parking attendant — the valet might be complimentary, but so what?
  • Hotel Staff: $1-$20 — Did you really hit it off with the front desk clerk, concierge or VIP services host? Shoot her $5. Got a free upgrade? Hey, high roller! Make it $20. And don’t skimp on the bellhops or maid service. Leave each a few singles and you might get an extra chocolate on your pillow.


Las Vegas Tipping Guide for your Blackjack Dealer

Test your fate with lady luck, but don’t forget the people who help keep the tables hot.

  • Cocktail Waitress: $1-$2 — Sure, the drinks are free, but you’ll keep her coming back by slipping her at least a buck for every comped drink. Cheers to you.
  • Dealer: A chip or two — If you’re winning, toss your dealer one of those lucky chips. Strike it rich? Leave a chip for the cashier too — $5 to $20 depending on your haul. Then, treat yo’ self.


Las Vegas Nightclub Tipping Guide

When you hit the town, don’t forget to hit up your wallet, too. A good tip goes a long way.

  • Club Bouncer: $20 — If a doorman lets you cut the line, slip him a Benjamin. The same goes for VIP hosts who hook you up with a table — think $20 – $100 per bottle.
  • Drink Servers: 20 percent — Keep the night going and drinks flowing by treating your server well. Twenty percent is standard, but you’re not here to pinch pennies, so be generous! Don’t be like your cheap friend.
  • Waiters: 15-20 percent — When it comes to dining, Vegas tipping is the same as anywhere. If you hit up a buffet, leave at least a few dollars for the server who brings drinks.


Having fun? Then show your appreciation.

  • Tour guides: $5-$20 — For a tour, reward the guide who entertained you. Instructors at attractions like indoor skydiving or gun ranges deserve $10 or so.
  • Performers: $1-$5 — Want a selfie with one of the Strip’s cartoon characters, “celebrities” or showgirls? Throw them at least a dollar or two. They’re in full costume in 100-degree weather — that hustle takes commitment.


Tipping at Las Vegas Weddings

Tying the knot in the unofficial Wedding Capital of the World? Get ready to celebrate with nearly everyone involved in your special day.

  • Chapel Attendants: $20+ — If the chapel sends a complimentary limo, give the driver $20. The minister typically works for tips, so slip him at least $40 for your wedded bliss.
  • Event Personnel: $5-$50 — The photographer or videographer who captures your memories deserves at least $20. Dancing the night away at your reception? Have guests to slip the DJ a fiver for song requests. 

Bottom Line

Guidelines are great, but sometimes you just have to follow your gut. Nobody comes to Vegas to be cheap — so throw that budget out the window and show your appreciation in dolla bills. Everyone who works in Sin City has a tipping horror story, so don’t be that guy. Forget about candy, food, drinks, souvenirs, clothing or anything that can’t be turned into cold, hard cash.

Tip early and tip often.

Heather Vale is a journalist, videographer and photographer. Originally from Toronto, she has been living, working and playing in Las Vegas for over 5 years. Shooting video and photos for weddings, trade shows and business events has taken her all over the Vegas Valley and given her a taste of the city behind the scenes. Her writing has been featured in the Las Vegas Informer, The Houston Chronicle and more.

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