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New Reservation Thingy Launches

Last updated: October 1, 2010 at 11:28 am. Posted by in Caesars Entertainment, Las Vegas Casinos, Las Vegas Hotels. 1 Comment on New Reservation Thingy Launches.

Holy innovation, Batman!, one of the world’s most popular travel sites (seriously), just launched a major revamp of its room reservation system.

Now, there’s a chance you don’t especially care about this newsflash. Fine, be like that. But, at least give us a chance to facilitate your caring, because some of the new features are pretty darned slick.

The great news: Booking your getaway to Sin City (or any Total Rewards loyalty program destination) just got a whole shazzle (not a real word) of a lot easier. Here are a few select highlights of the new reservations system’s “virtual rhinoplasty.”

Book Multiple Rooms at Once

The newly-launched reservation system includes a feature that makes reserving up to four rooms at a time a breeze. This is especially useful if you’re saddled with booking rooms for a group as you would for a family reunion or bachelorette party.

multiple rooms

This interface is so clean, you could eat off of it. If, you know, you were having a dinner comprised of pixels.

Modify Your Reservation on the Fly

In the past, after making a reservation at, if you wanted to make changes to your reservation, you’d have to cancel your original booking and start from scratch. (Sound of head banging against one’s keyboard.)

From here on out, you’ll be able to change several aspects of your reservation without starting over. Sorry, computer keyboard salespersons.


Problems with commitment? No problem!

Compare Rooms With Ease

This feature is truly the ultimate in flexibility when you’re deciding on a room. It’s never been simpler to compare room offerings within a given hotel, or even comparable rooms at other hotels in the Total Rewards family. Here’s an Oscar nomination-worthy video (soundtrack, not so much) that shows off this groundbreaking new feature.


Go On, Fondle the “Flexible Schedule Tools”

Oh, you’ll want to, trust us. These tools are all about letting you be the boss when it comes to choosing the dates of your stay. There’s a “Weekend Calendar” that lets you decide if your weekends are like normal, human weekends, or if your weekends include a Thursday or Tuesday.

Bonus: If your schedule is flexible, you could get even better deals. An “Availability Calendar” lets you check out a month’s worth of room prices at-a-glance. See it large.


They're your weekends. Do what you want with 'em.

It’s worth noting that all of the calendars in the new reservation system have been rejiggered. Refined. Streamlined. And drenched in awesomesauce. Choosing your check-in and check-out dates is now easier than finding a boisterous frat guy at O’Sheas on a Saturday night. (Very easy.)

And the tool that makes us happier than Holly Madison at a ferret convention? (Yes, she loves ferrets.) The “Destination Calendar.” Pick your dates and see rates at all of the Total Rewards hotels in a given region. Hello! Miraculous. Take a look.


We dare you not to be hypnotized by the pretty colors.

“Trip Planner” Makes You Omnipotent (Kinda)

Making a hotel reservation isn’t usually “fun,” but this is definitely close. The new “Trip Planner” in the reservation system allows you to quickly enter or change room types, dates and other variables so you can be sure you’re getting the room that’s right for you, for exactly the right price.

Note: You know how people in the Middle Ages often considered new or different things witchcraft? This would qualify. Take a look.


Discount Code Nirvana

The reservation system has gotten its discount code act together, and now, it’s easier than ever to take advantage of special rates. Enter your discount code in the Supreme Ultra Code Translator Box (not its real name) and you’re set. Thank you, computer programmer wizard dudes. This blog loves it some discounts.

discount codes

Gratuitous discount code field thingy graphic.

Custom Package Flair

It’s not too often that you book a room and just sit in that room staring at your complimentary shampoo and conditioner.

Now, you can add diversions like golf or a cabana rental at the time of your room reservation (at Caesars Palace and Paris only, at the moment). Are we good at imparting good news, or what? Feel free to kiss the blog on the mouth, as time allows. See the below graphic full-sized.

add ons

In the marketing world, it's called "up-selling." In real life, it's called, "This just spared me three phone calls and saved me some bucks, thanks."

Upgrade Offers Just Because You’re You

It’s as if the Internet were hit by lightning and suddenly became psychic, because as you book your reservation on the new and improved, you could very well end up with a custom offer for discounted room upgrades.

It’s kind of something for nothing! A sentence we’re fairly sure just infringed upon the copyright of that Dire Straits song from the 1980s.


Sweet upgrade offers are like bowls of chilled M&Ms. Or whatever treat you're fond of.

These new features are just the beginning of all the room reservation system glee to be found at So, take the new reservation system for a test drive. And if you don’t love it, this blog will marry a ferret. Or something.

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