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Curtain Rises for “Jersey Boys” at Paris Vegas

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The big moment has arrived. “Jersey Boys” is making its debut at Paris Las Vegas.

"Places!" Yes, actually, this blog did some musical theater in college.

We stopped by for a sneak peek at the show, and judging from the portions we saw, it’s clear why this lively musical romp has become the hit it is, both in Vegas (formerly at the Palazzo) and on Broadway (it originally opened in 2005).

Jersey Boys

Jeff Leibow had to pull a lot of strings to get the part of Nick Massi. See what we did there?

The only downside, if you consider it a downside, is that we can’t get those Four Seasons songs out of our head! Hits like “Sherry,” “Big Girls Don’t Cry” and “Walk Like a Man” aren’t going anywhere, trust us.

Jersey Boys Paris Las Vegas

The guys were even nice enough to point us toward the bar.

“Jersey Boys” is a documentary-style musical based on the story of the meteoric rise of the Four Seasons. Even if you’re not a fan of the group’s music, we predict you will be after seeing “Jersey Boys.”

The stage at Paris is gorgeous, and serves as a colorful backdrop against which the talented cast brings the music of the Four Seasons to life. The show integrates large video screens to visually enhance the action onstage.

Jersey Boys Paris Las Vegas

A little Lichtenstein-inspired eye candy. Yes, we took an art class in college, too.

“Jersey Boys” is structured so that each of the Four Seasons group members narrates one of the show’s “seasons,” a unique way to hear four different perspectives about the accomplishments of one of the most popular bands of the 1960s. Kind of like “Rashomon,” but with better choreography.

A little “Jersey Boys” trivia: The Four Seasons named themselves after a bowling alley of the same name.

We snagged snippets of songs from the show (see below), and again, if you don’t want to be humming these tunes all day, you might want to skip this video altogether. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


“Jersey Boys” features Jeff Leibow, Deven May, Rob Marnell and Graham Fenton, who swaps out the role of Frankie Valli with Travis Cloer. Our sneak preview, and these photos, feature Cloer. You can see photos of the guys with Graham Fenton when they were welcomed to Paris Vegas. Learn more about the cast.

Jersey Boys

Their voices? Like butter.

Learn more about Jersey Boys, and find out why one critic called it “a big thumper of a show,” whatever that might actually mean. (Hint: It’s probably a good thing.)

Enjoy a few more photos of this crowd-pleasing new entertainment option at Paris Las Vegas.

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