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Las Vegas the Most Stressed City? No Dice!

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As if Sin City’s mantle weren’t already crowded enough, now we get the dubious “honor” of being named “America’s Most Stressed City,” at least according to Forbes. Read more.

Well, it took this Las Vegas blog about eight minutes to find a remedy to this whole stress thing, and we found it at La Vogue, a bridal and bachelorette boutique, at Paris Las Vegas. Yes, we stop by often to see what fun, frisky and borderline-disturbing items have been added to the offerings. That’s just how we roll.

What’s a great way to deal with stress? La Vogue has the answer: The Sexy Stress Dice.

Sexy Stress Dice

Bye-bye stress, Vegas-style!

Sexy Stress Dice are a lot like those spongy stress balls found in cube farms around the globe, but these have a distinctly Vegas twist. First, they’re dice! Second, one side of these sassy dice has the words “Kama Sutra.”

Sexy Stress Dice

Bonus factoid: "Kama" means sensual pleasure, and "sutra" means, metaphorically, a collection of things.

The other sides of the squishy dice? Hello! Far, far too graphic to share here, sorry. (Don’t strain your eyes looking at that photo, either.)

Let’s just say Sexy Stress Dice offer up provocative variations on a, um, theme, Kama Sutrawise. Hey, “Everything’s sexier at Paris” isn’t just some marketing tagline. So, roll the dice, and get busy with some stress reduction, already.

Hopefully, we can all get our Sexy Stress Dice and put this stress rumor to bed (ahem) once and for all.

Note: Forbes also held a poll resulting in Vegas being named America’s Coolest City. (Technically, a tie with New York City. Then again, we’re pretty sure New York City doesn’t have Stripper 101 classes.) We’re just saying.

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